Dosso Dossi

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Dosso Dossi

(dôs`sō dôs`sē), 1479?–1542, Italian painter of the Ferrarese school, whose real name was Giovanni di Niccolò de Luteri. He may have been a pupil of Lorenzo Costa, but was certainly influenced by Giorgione, Titian, and Raphael. He often collaborated with his brother Battista, a landscape painter. Dosso Dossi is first recorded in Mantua, but after 1514 he executed many decorative works for the ducal palace and churches of Ferrara, including frescoes, pictures, and cartoons for tapestries. Both his landscapes and portraits show originality and imagination. He was a friend of Ariosto, who mentions him in Orlando Furioso. His works include Circe in the Woods (Borghese Villa); The Three Ages of Man (Metropolitan Mus.); The Standard Bearer, Scene from a Legend, and Saint Lucretia (National Gall. of Art, Washington, D.C.).


See F. Gibbons, Dosso and Battista Dossi (1968).

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Experts from the National Gallery in London identified the painting as the work of the master Ludovico Mazzolino, who studied under some of the greatest painters of the era, including Dosso Dossi.
Butler), Durer as patronized by Frederick the Wise and Emperor Maximillian I (Larry Silver), Giulio Clovio in the court of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (Elena Calvillo), and Dosso Dossi in Ferrara (Giancarlo Fiorenza).
Though Holcombe has cited Pieter Bruegel, Francisco de Zurbaran, Caravaggio, and Hieronymous Bosch as influences, references to Petrus Christus, Dosso Dossi, and Pieter Claesz are also readily discernible in her work.
The three pictures of episodes from Virgil's Aeneid by Dosso Dossi have been confused in a way which shows an ignorance of both Virgil and Dosso.
Comprised of only forty or so paintings, a number that includes a trio of pictures by Dosso Dossi and collaborations with Giovanni Bellini and Jacopo Palma il Vecchio, "Titian" is less extensive an exhibition than one might have hoped for.
Paul Getty Museum announced Friday its acquisition of ``Saint George,'' a rare early painting by Italian Renaissance artist Dosso Dossi.
Two contrasting series are inspired by the lives and poetry of Sylvia Plath and Ezra Pound; a prolonged period of study at Birmingham's Barber Institute has produced reworkings of Rubens, Dosso Dossi and others which have led her back to look with new eyes at the landscape of her native Isle of Wight.
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Ruvoldt's text is divided into six chapters and includes extensive reproductions of well-known Italian paintings and drawings (Lorenzo Lotto, Dosso Dossi, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Botticelli).
Dosso Dossi also portrayed this notion in a remarkable Holy Family (ca.