Dostálová, Leopolda

(redirected from Dostalova, Leopolda)

Dostálová, Leopolda


Born Jan. 23, 1879, in Veleslavíin, near Prague. Czechoslovak actress; People’s Artist of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1947).

The daughter of an actor, Dostálová studied under H. Kvapilová. In 1901 she made her debut at the National Theater in Prague. From 1920 to 1924 she performed at the Prague Municipal Theater in Vinohrady and after 1924, again at the National Theater. Dostá’s acting was described as showing great emotional range and an affinity for strong and passionate women. Some of her best roles have been Lady Macbeth (Shakespeare’s Macbeth), Antigone (Sophocles’ Antigone), Medea (Euripides’ Medea), and Balladyna (Sto-wacki’sBalladyna). In the 1950’s her roles included those of Murzavetskaia (Ostrovskii’s Wolves and Sheep) and Liudmila (Tyl’s Dragomiry). Dostá was awarded the State Prize of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in 1946.


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