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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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According to the 2001-Census Report, the share of the Dalits in the total population was 24 percent in Doti and 13 percent in Rautahat district (CBS, 2003).
After the completion of the clinics in Doti and Achham, the data were analysed, compiled into a report and disseminated in Kathmandu to an audience which included members of the Ministry of Health, relevant line ministries, donor organisations, local and international non-governmental organisations, the Nepal Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and other social and medical organisations.
Uno di quei soldati divenne illustre, non per le sue doti o imprese militari (sebbene sia stato un ottimo soldato), ma per quelle letterarie.
Carys Gwyn of Mudiad Meithrin said: "Alaw scripted a lovely pageant based on the Dewin and Doti books, and it was a great way of celebrating Welsh culture by witnessing the talents of the young children.
Oppure, la curiosita della Matraini e rivolta ad elementi prodigiosi o soprannaturali, come le doti profetiche attribuite alla Vergine e al suo collegamento con le Sibille (71, 81, 96), elementi diffusi nell'immaginario mariano cinquecentesco presenti, per esempio, nel De Partu Virginis di Sannazaro.
Fifty-six workers, involved in the construction of the Tikakot-Mudbhara Rural Green Road in Doti, are thankful to the Nepal Electricity, Painter, Plumber and Construction Workers' Union that took up their cause.
Above all, in many rural Terai and mountain districts of the mid and far western regions, drop-outs increase linearly for boys but exponential for girls, as for instance in Doti (see Figure 3).
The university's president James L Doti presented the degree to the former Mr Universe who later addressed graduates.
In Doti district of far-western Nepal, troops on patrol encountered a group of militants carrying crude bombs Thursday.
66) Baratotti [Tarabotti], 137 (addressing Venetian noblemen): "Se stimate, che 'l numero grande desse figliuole pregiudichino alla region di stato, poiche se si maritassero tutte troppo crescerebbe la Nobilta e s'impoverirebbono le case, con lo sborso di tante doti, pigliate la compagnia che vi e state destinata da Dio senza avidita di danari.
Attending: Bob Currie, Jack Eckles, Kyndra Rotunda, Jim Doti, Sheryl Bourgeois, Tom Campbell, Steven Connaker & Buster (Photo: Business Wire)