double buffering

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double buffering

A programming technique that uses two buffers to speed up a computer that can overlap I/O with processing. Data in one buffer are being processed while the next set of data is read into the other one.

In streaming media applications, the data in one buffer is being sent to the sound or graphics card while the other buffer is being filled with more data from the source (Internet, local server, etc.).

When video is displayed on screen, the data in one buffer are being filled while the data in the other are being displayed. Full-motion video is speeded up when the function of moving the data between buffers is implemented in a hardware circuit rather than being performed by software. See video accelerator and buffering.

Double Buffers
Two buffers are commonly used to speed up program execution. Data are processed in one buffer while data are written into or read out of the other.
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The I/O can be single buffered to provide real-time data access, double buffered for synchronized data access, or configured with other modules as part of the EX1200 autonomous scan list function.
Specifications of the series include 1,500V of isolation between the Cube and the field wiring, one D/A per channel (allows simultaneous D/A updates), double buffered, low glitch outputs and three utility digital I/O channels.
Each compare register is double buffered so that the PWM duty cycle can be changed without glitches.
The NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro solution delivers remarkable realism and image clarity from features such as: AGP 2X/4X support; 64MB DDR, 1920 x 1200 resolution in 24-bit double buffered mode with a 24-bit Z-buffer; stencil and overlay planes; alpha planes and hardware texturing.
Quadro2 Pro provides many advanced workstation capabilities -- AGP 2X/4X support, 64MB DDR, 1920 x 1200 resolution in 24-bit double buffered mode with a 24-bit Z-buffer, stencil and overlay planes, and alpha planes and hardware texturing -- to deliver remarkable realism and image clarity.
Xi Graphics Accelerated-X 3D Tech Demo Ev2 -- General Specifications Workstation class support on X86 Linux platforms: - double buffered 24-bit image planes for 3D rendering - single buffered 8-bit overlay planes - anti-aliasing - 24-bit depthbuffer - 4-bit stencilbuffer - 4-bit WID planes for clipping/buffer swap - X11R6.
The 3DEMON(TM) twinGMX8/20-PCI supports resolutions up to 1920x1080, double buffered, and the card is loaded with texture storage memory for today's most advanced visual computing applications.
The 3DEMON(TM) twin-GMX8/20-PCI comes with 8 MB of VRAM for resolutions up to 1920x1080 double buffered and is loaded with 20MB of texture storage memory.
Users will be able to take advantage of a larger frame buffer and flexible texture support for true color, double buffered visuals up to 1920x1200 resolution available with the PowerStorm graphics solution.
Based on Dynamic Pictures' revolutionary new Oxygen chip -- a highly scalable, pipelined rendering and texture mapping processor -- the powerful Oxygen 3D Family provides maximum 3D graphics rendering and texture mapping performance while offering true-color, double buffered displays at resolutions up to 1,536 x 1,200 pixels.
The MX16/16 significantly expands the range of performance for the newest MX chip set available from 3Dlabs: 16 MB of video RAM delivers high-end resolution rates of 1600x1200, true-color, double buffered.