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Prices start from pounds 20 for the boxer shorts, the cufflinks cost pounds 65 and the double cuff shirts are pounds 79.
Right - summer beige suit in wool and cashmere, pounds 525, gingham shirt with double cuff in cotton, pounds 54.
When it comes to cuffs, there's nothing like a double cuff to finish a good shirt off properly.
Above left - Black wool and cashmere skirt (from pounds 120), double cuff white cotton shirt (from pounds 60), thick black leather belt (pounds 40) Right - Pink suede skirt (pounds 295) and matching cashmere top (pounds 170) Top - Funnel neck short jacket (from pounds 295), wide leg trousers (from pounds 125) Above - Silk capri pants (pounds 125), suede shirt (pounds 325) and merino sweater (from pounds 195)
20 yr Dry Cleaner "Retail/Plant" 2 Double Buck, Double Sleever, Double Cuff & Collars, Union 55 & 35 Cleaning machines.
Most French cuffed shirts are soA[degrees] called double cuffs that are folded over and then held together with a set of cufflinks rather than buttons.
Double cuffs are a much more convincing formal look than single (or button) cuffs.
But underneath that daft headgear our man in sweltering Guyana and sizzling Trinidad was wearing full regalia - hand made shirts with double cuffs and gold cufflinks, stiff collar, dark tie and two piece suit.