double buffering

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double buffering

A programming technique that uses two buffers to speed up a computer that can overlap I/O with processing. Data in one buffer are being processed while the next set of data is read into the other one.

In streaming media applications, the data in one buffer is being sent to the sound or graphics card while the other buffer is being filled with more data from the source (Internet, local server, etc.).

When video is displayed on screen, the data in one buffer are being filled while the data in the other are being displayed. Full-motion video is speeded up when the function of moving the data between buffers is implemented in a hardware circuit rather than being performed by software. See video accelerator and buffering.

Double Buffers
Two buffers are commonly used to speed up program execution. Data are processed in one buffer while data are written into or read out of the other.
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Large pixmaps are supported by multi-buffering or double-buffering.
The H8/38024F MCU has a built-in LCD controller/driver with double-buffering capability that interfaces to a liquid-crystal display with up to 32 segments and four common pins.
Sourcery VSIPL++'s powerful dispatch engine manages the use of the SPEs, including double-buffering of communications to hide communication latency behind computation.
For hardware-assisted video playback, the V2/DX has unique stream processor technology that supports on-the-fly stretching and blending of primary RGB or YUV secondary stream, hardware double-buffering support for tear-free playback, and high quality real-time digital video acceleration of up to 1024x768 at 16 bits per pixel.
resolutions-up to HDTV resolution, with double-buffering enabled,
This features NeTpower's TearFree(TM) technology which ensures flicker-free rotations and animations, while minimizing double-buffering overhead, thus maximizing rendering performance in real applications, delivering a blazing 3.
In addition to an integrated geometry set up engine, the Fire GL 1000 Pro includes 3D features in hardware such as rasterization, texture mapping, double-buffering and 16-bit Z-buffering.
The 69000 converts digital YUV input to RGB color space and continuously scales data with horizontal and vertical interpolation and double-buffering.
To achieve elementary 3D functionality, a graphics chip needs to support perspective-correct polygons with point sampled texture mapping, Z- and double-buffering, Gouraud shading capabilities and standard VGA resolution.
In addition, the Nitro 3D utilizes Z-Buffering, Fogging and Depth Cue/Sort, Alpha Blending, Double-Buffering, Anti-Alias and Bilinear Filtered Texture Maps to achieve unsurpassed 3-D speed and realism.
The VELOCITY 3D uses advanced texture mapping, Z-buffer support and double-buffering technologies to create a whole new level of on-screen 3D realism.
The new graphic adapter's hardware 3D capabilities deliver extremely realistic perspectives by combining Gouraud shading, perspective-correction, bilinear filtered MIP-MAP texture mapping, Z-buffer support and double-buffering technologies.