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Shepler's ferry service, which has operated licenced cruise and charter service to Mackinaw Island for 40 years, will provide a double-decked, diesel-powered excursion boat for the run.
Harlem has become somewhat of a tourist draw, with double-decked buses crossing 125th Street and camera-laden tourists passing by.
Seismologic studies following October's earthquake in northern California suggest vibrational resonance played a role in the collapse of the double-decked Nimitz Freeway in Oakland.
The Marlboro Unlimited will feature a unique double-decked nightclub car with interior balconies and a first-of-its-kind specialty Spa Car with custom-designed hot tubs, massage rooms and an open-air platform.
The Ventura Freeway should be double-decked in the San Fernando Valley to ease congestion, concludes a new study by the Southern California Association of Governments.
5 million to $5 million in the golf course that will bring a new club house, double-decked driving range and other improvements.
The range also will be double-decked and will close when winds gust above 45 mph.