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Among the more celebrated shows are those that teach girls to apply makeup while drunk, video titles like The Douchebag Workout and comedies such as Viagra Overdose and Hot Alien Girl Spits on Me.
In From Here to Eternity, the character First Sergeant Milton Anthony Warden, disgusted with his men's narrow absorption in the record-keeping of their daily small advancements and grievances, tells one of them the trouble is "that you can't see any further than that douchebag nose of yours.
It pleases me George has gone on to show the world the douchebag he is.
Washington, November 2 ( ANI ): Charlie Sheen has slammed his former wife Brooke Mueller's lawyer team and has said that the judge who jails him is "a fat, dishonorable douchebag.
I've always loved black metal and identified it with an emotional time, but if you ever see me with a spiked jacket on, I just look like a douchebag," says Clarke, his affable mien shining through a crackling Skype connection.
Beyond deficits and douchebag discourse about college-age men.
KERRY Katona is ready to make her pop chart comeback with trashy techno douchebag Basshunter.
The cinematic house which like a clock can be rewound, is also a sorcerer's apprentice world of waters--flooded by soup, douchebag, ink, alcohol and tears.
My all-time favorite was a douchebag cab driver who let me in outside the domestic airport, then continued to look around for another ride-you know, school-bus style.