Douglas Engelbart

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Douglas Engelbart

Douglas C. Engelbart, the inventor of the mouse.

On 1968-12-09, Douglas C. Engelbart and the group of 17 researchers working with him in the Augmentation Research Center at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California, USA, presented a 90-minute live public demonstration of the on live system, NLS, they had been working on since 1962. The presentation was a session in the of the Fall Joint Computer Conference held at the Convention Center in San Francisco, and it was attended by about 1000 computer professionals. This was the public debut of the computer mouse, hypertext, object addressing, dynamic file linking, and shared-screen collaboration involving two persons at different sites communicating over a network with audio and video interface.

The original 90-minute video: Hyperlinks, Mouse, Web-board.


Tia O'Brien, "The Mouse", Silicon Valley News.

Douglas Engelbart

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They include Doug Engelbart and Alan Kay, two of the pioneers of personal computing, as well as Terry Winograd, the Stanford University professor who became disillusioned with AI and who, as his thesis adviser, had a powerful influence on the early thinking of Google co-founder Larry Page.
Second, the CE team hired Doug Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse and a pioneer in computer networking and knowledge augmentation, to begin defining a wide-area network to support both the distance education plan and potential communities of practice.
Stanford Research Institute's Doug Engelbart crafted the mouse in the 1960s, which at the time was just a wooden shell sitting on two metal wheels.
In 1997, Hedy Lamarr, 82, and George Antheil, who had died in 1959, were granted the Sixth Annual Pioneer Award, putting them in the company of computer and Internet giants Doug Engelbart, Linus Torvalds, and Tim Berners-Lee.
Doug Engelbart, credited with the invention of the computer mouse, has died at the age of 88.
London, July 4 ( ANI ): Doug Engelbart, the man who invented the computer mouse, has died aged 88.
American inventor and visionary Doug Engelbart, the father of the computer mouse, died Wednesday morning at the age of 88, as announced by the Computer History Museum.
Several years ago, I had lunch with Doug Engelbart, the man who invented the computer mouse.
Past recipients include Lou Gerstner, Bill Gates, Vint Cerf, Doug Engelbart, John Chambers, Gordon Moore, Walt Mossberg and Ray Ozzie.
Doug Engelbart considered the networked sharing of knowledge to be of tremendous importance, and he embodied this in his vision of shared computer networks.
The second innovation to spurn the Web's development also flowered in the '60s, from Doug Engelbart, a researcher at Stanford University.
Thirty years ago Doug Engelbart demonstrated the first computer mouse in San Francisco's Civic Auditorium.