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Tunisia: see DuggahDuggah
or Dougga
, village, Tunisia, SW of Tunis. It is a tourist spot noted for the ruins of the ancient city of Thugga, including a Punic mausoleum (2d cent. B.C.); temples, arches, a theater, a circus, and an aqueduct of Roman times; and a Byzantine fortress.
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an ancient Tunisian city, now in ruins, 110 km southwest of Tunis. Well known as long ago as the fourth century B.C., Dougga possesses architectural structures from the Numidian period (third to second centuries B.C.)—the mausoleum of Ateban and the remains of city walls—and from the Roman period (first century B.C. to fifth century A.D.)—ruins of a forum, towers, a theater, a circus, the triumphal arches of Septimius Severus and Alexander Severus, temples, and houses with mosaic floors and vaulted cisterns.


Poinssot, C. Les Ruines de Dougga. Tunis, 1958.
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The ADX operated contiguous Sicily Channel blocks Kerkouane (Tunisia) and Pantelleria (Italy) contain an attractive portfolio of appraisal and exploration prospects such as the Dougga West prospect with its several targets and the Dougga gas condensate field, which are also covered by the dual sensor Geostreamer 3D seismic acquired in 2010.
Examples are the appraisal project of the Dougga gas condensate discovery by Shell and the leading candidate in ADX's exploration portfolio the Dougga West oil prospect with considerably large resources as described in ADX's ASX announcement dated 6th September 2013.
Dougga, however, still has its Roman theatre in a good state of repair and as Dr Hobson is the author of Toilets In The Roman World, he was delighted to see that the Roman toilets there are so good that they have featured in the British Medical Journal.
Unesco-protected Dougga is a preserved Roman village.
Notable projects A Moroccan villa in Mamzar, Dubai, a boutique hotel in Dubai, the reception area of the Dougga archaeological site in Tunisia, which has already won three awards (Cityscape, Bloomberg and Arabian Property), and the JAL hotel with eight restaurants, spa, lobby, executive lounge and junior suite.
Highlights include a visit to the ruins at Dougga (Tunis), said to be the most beautiful single Roman monument in all of North Africa, Tripoli and Leptis Magna, plus a two-night, pre-cruise hotel stay in Cairo.
This compares favourably to the nearby Dougga discovery which is interpreted to have a net pay of 14 meters in the Abiod and an assessed mean resource of 74 MMBOE (million barrels of oil equivalent).
While Part I traces the narrator's personal history, Part II jumps to the archeological discovery of an ancient Berber inscription more than two thousand years old in Dougga, Tunisia.
KAI 100 is a Late Punic-Numidian bilingual on a stone funerary monument from Dougga in Tunisia.
THEMED HOLIDAYS TUNISIAN ADVENTURE: Archers Direct (0871 423 8638) offers eight-day tour, incl Roman remains at El Jem, Sbeitla and Dougga for pounds 679, ex-Heathrow for Tunis June 14.