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city (1991 pop. 19,950), capital of the Isle of Man, Great Britain. It is a popular resort, connected by rail to Ramsey and Port Erin, on the Irish Sea. Tourism is the chief industry. There are also light-engineering, knitting, and carpet-weaving factories. The Tower of Refuge, near the harbor entrance, was designed in 1832 by William Hillary, founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The Manx Museum has a collection of the natural history and antiquities of the Isle of Man.


1 City (1990 pop. 12,822), Cochise co., SE Ariz., at the Mexican border; inc. 1905. The mining and smelting of copper have been important since 1900; the city grew around a copper smelter, now abandoned and largely dismantled. Douglas is also a ranching center and a border station, with plants that make transformers, electronic components, and apparel. Gypsum and tungsten mines and limestone quarries are in the area. The city has an international airport. Its sister city is Agua Prieta, Mex. 2 City (1990 pop. 10,464), seat of Coffee co., S central Ga.; inc. 1895. Its manufactures include yarns, asphalt, aluminum doors, marble and dairy products, and jet engine parts. South Georgia College is in Douglas.


1. C(lifford) H(ugh). 1879--1952, British economist, who originated the theory of social credit
2. Gavin. ?1474--1522, Scottish poet, the first British translator of the Aeneid
3. Keith (Castellain). 1920--44, British poet, noted for his poems of World War II: killed in action
4. Michael K(irk). born 1944, US film actor; his films include Romancing the Stone (1984), Wall Street (1987), Basic Instinct (1992), and Wonder Boys (2000)
5. (George) Norman. 1868--1952, British writer, esp of books on southern Italy such as South Wind (1917)


a town and resort on the Isle of Man, capital of the island, on the E coast. Pop.: 25 347 (2001)


An early system on the IBM 701.

[Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)].
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But Douglas, without heeding me, had begun to read with a fine clearness that was like a rendering to the ear of the beauty of his author's hand.
Douglas would think it terrible frivolous and unsuitable, I'm afraid.
The old Douglas homestead was half a mile from "Wayside" cresting a windy hill.
John Douglas met them at the door and took them into the sitting-room, where his mother was enthroned in an armchair.
Janet sat and smiled, looking horribly uncomfortable in her hideous dress, and John Douglas sat without smiling.
Douglas sighed and said she feared she had nothing to tempt my appetite.
Douglas smiled benevolently and told John to take "dear Janet" out into the garden and get her some roses.
Douglas of Birlstone Manor House was horribly murdered last night
They represented, Douglas argues, one of the few parts of the culture that legitimized the voice of the adolescent girl, that "glamorized and dignified" her anxieties.
His talent, knowledge and experience are an impeccable fit for dbA," says Douglas Booth, Principal and CEO of Douglas Booth Architects.
My motivation is my mom,'' said Douglas, 15, a sophomore at Simi Valley High School.
The move brings all of the more than 40 former Prudential Long Island Realty and Douglas Elliman offices in Nassau and Suffolk counties under the "'Prudential Douglas Elliman" banner for the first time.