Douglas, George

Douglas, George,

pseud. of

George Douglas Brown,

1869–1902, English novelist, b. Scotland. His reputation rests on his single novel, The House with the Green Shutters (1901), a somber story of Scottish life.
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Away at Bedworth BC: Roger Taylor 13-21 Gary Siswick, Danny Edkins 13-21 John Greenhalgh, Natty Tonks 21-19 Oliver Fox, Liam Dennis 21-18 Adam Douglas, George Chapman 21-14 Danny Teale, Richard Smart 20-21 Andy Cairns, Tyler Dewis 21-8 Matt Hollingworth, Paul Dennis 19-21 Michael Martin, Ada Carr 10-21 Matt Richardson, Adam Bell 7-21 Josh Brown, Jordan Baddeley 21-18 Danny Kilburn, Andy Parker 21-12 James Martin.
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From the comfort of our living rooms, Burns and co-producer Dayton Duncan led us on a grand tour of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, the Grand Canyon, the Everglades, and dozens of other national parks and monuments, showing us the majesty and splendor of these glorious places while regaling us with tales about some of the extraordinary folk--John Muir, George Masa, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, George Melendez, Stephen Mather--who helped preserve and protect these parks for all the rest of us.
Halsall FC were in league action, but despite Tom Barlow's strike they went down 2-1 to Diamonds (Matty Taylor, Mason Nevitt), while Cantril Farm (Marc Douglas, George McHugh) beat FC Halsall (Luke Stock) 2-1, Sweenys (Hughes 2, Nugent, Atherton) won 4-2 at Connect (Joseph Januszewski, Lee Sheehan) and Fur and Feather (Jonathan Blair 2, Mathew Parker 2, Ryan Allan, Michael Silvano, Scott Kearns, Michael Connolly, Kieran Halligan) were 9-1 winners at Berrybridge (Jules Nshammba).
Scarlets' squad: Hayter, Rees, Owens, Broster, Manu, I Thomas, John, I Jones, Douglas, George, Eustace, Popham, D Jones, Day, G Thomas, Bater, N Thomas, MacLeod, Easterby, Cooper, Reed, Cattle, J Davies, C Thomas, James, Daniel, Peel, Garin Evans, Gavin Evans, Brew, M Jones, Watkins, King, S Jones, D Evans, Stoddart, Priestland, L Davies.
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