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Hyde, Douglas,

1860–1949, Irish scholar and political leader. He was largely responsible for the revival of the Irish language and literature through his founding of the Gaelic League in 1893. After teaching modern Irish for many years (1909–32), Hyde became, in 1938, the president of Eire. He held the office until 1945. Known by his Gaelic name, An Craoibhin Aoibhinn, he was the author of many works, including a Literary History of Ireland (1899) and Love Songs of Connacht (1894).


See biography by J. Dunleavy (1991).

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Mark Twain wrote to Rhys following his visit to Oxford to accept an honorary degree, and other correspondents included Gerald Manley Hopkins, Douglas Hyde, T E Lawrence and Theodore Roosevelt.
Included among the up-and-coming talent selected for "Holding Together" at Dublin's Douglas Hyde Gallery in 20 10, Kilfeather.
This is a man from the same county as Ireland's first president Douglas Hyde - a president who was censured by the GAA for attending a soccer match.
Irene's cousin, Douglas Hyde, now aged 83, of Wall Heath, Dudley, said: "Paul Williams befriended Irene after the death of her husband, Ernest.
In November 1938, just a few months after Douglas Hyde was elected as first president of Ireland in June 1938, the GAA (an Irish sporting organization) suspended Hyde from the organization because he attended a soccer match between Ireland and Poland, which the GAA deemed as "supporting a foreign sport.
Ireland's first president Douglas Hyde brought in the Centenarian's Bounty in 1940 when it was worth IRpounds 5.
1938: Dr Douglas Hyde is inaugurated as the first President of Ireland.
In accordance with the reorganization, several JCJ design professionals have been named to the position of director, including: Christophe Cornubert, Conceptual Planning and Design; Robert Burling, Corporate Interiors; Douglas Hyde, College & University; James LaPosta, Educational Design; Robert Nicholson and Greg Smolley, Educational Planning; William Dow, Hospitality Development; Brian Davis, Hospitality Design; Kristina Robinson, Native American Design; Stewart Jones, Performing Arts Design; and David Barkin, Science and Technology Design.
The exhibition remains in Haworth until the end of October and will then transfer to the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin.
A few months later, Lady Gregory invited Yeats and Douglas Hyde to speak at a meeting of the Kiltartan branch of the Gaelic League.
It was Douglas Hyde, who had defected from the Communist
Anniversaries: 5th: Asil Nadir, former chairman of Polly Peck, fled to Northern Cyprus; 60th: Protestant Douglas Hyde elected the first president of the Irish Republic; 135th: The Maori uprising against the British began in New Zealand.