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Douglas-Home, Alec


Born July 2, 1903, in London. British statesman. Descended from an aristocratic Scottish family.

Douglas-Home received his education at Eton and Oxford. In 1931 he was elected to the House of Commons as a member of the Conservative Party. From 1937 to 1939 he served as parliamentary private secretary to Prime Minister N. Chamberlain. In 1938 he took part in the Conference of Munich, which concluded with the signing of the Munich Pact of 1938, after which he accompanied Chamberlain on a trip to Rome for negotiations with Mussolini. In 1951, after inheriting the title of earl of Home, he entered the House of Lords.

Douglas-Home held a number of important ministerial posts in the governments of Churchill and Macmillan. From 1955 to 1960 he was commonwealth relations secretary, and from 1960 to 1963, foreign secretary. From 1957 to 1960 he was also the leader of the House of Lords. From 1963 to 1965, Douglas-Home was the leader of the Conservative Party, and in 1963-64 he was prime minister. Upon accepting the latter post, he renounced his title of lord and was elected again to the House of Commons. From 1970 to 1974 he was foreign secretary and commonwealth relations secretary in the government of E. Heath.

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From the time that Douglas-Home left office until Blair swanned in, there were five Prime Ministers over 33 years - all educated in state grammar schools.
Sutcliffe revealed yesterday that principles governing entry by bookmakers to betting rings at racecourses, and the allocation of pitches, had been agreed by a government-inspired working party chaired by Sholto Douglas-Home.
However, Sir Alec Douglas-Home was reluctant to give up the relatively modern Dorneywood for Chequers when he became Prime Minister in 1963.
The town, which has been home to the Douglas, now Douglas-Home, family since the middle of the 12th century, has a rich heritage with buildings dating back over 600 years - several of which could be in line for restoration.
Margaret was linked with a string of suitors - Robin Douglas-Home, Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger, the actor Peter Sellers and celebrity gardner Roddy Llewellyn (right), more than 17 years her junior.
4R(1)(a), the Company hereby notifies you that, on 29 September 2011, Sholto Douglas-Home, a PDMR, transferred 5,900 Ordinary shares of 1 pence each in the Company to a connected person, Mrs Alexandra Douglas-Home, at nil consideration.
Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesman, will take over Mr Maudling's responsibilities on Commonwealth matters temporarily.
Eavesdropping continued while Alec Douglas-Home, Harold Wilson and Edward Heath were PM until 1977.
The wedding, also attended by his brother Harry, was that of Iona Douglas-Home, who married banker Tom Hewitt.
While the two sides are set to meet again on April 18 as part of a working group set up under the chairmanship of Sholto Douglas-Home, it has emerged that sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe would be prepared to see the problem passed to the All-Party Racing Group if a solution cannot be reached.
Who succeeded Sir Alec Douglas-Home as leader of the Conservative Party?
It's all a far cry from the days of Harold Macmillan and Sir Alec Douglas-Home, who liked to boast of their Scottish ancestry but were both actually born in London.