Downy Mildew

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downy mildew

[¦dau̇n·ē ′mil·dü]
(plant pathology)
A fungus disease of higher plants caused by members of the family Peronosporaceae and characterized by a white, downy growth on the diseased plant parts.

Downy Mildew


a dangerous plant disease caused by parasitic fungi of the class Phycomycetes of the family Perono-sporaceae. It attacks the green parts of the plant, primarily the leaves. Spots form on the diseased parts of the plant; the lower portions of the spots are covered with a whitish, grayish, or violet film, which is the sporangiosphore of the fungus (zoosporangia with sporangiosphores). Zoosporangia may appear repeatedly during the growing season; disseminated in the air, they are the principal source of infection. High humidity and soil with high moisture content foster the development of downy mildew. In most of the causative agents, the mycelium lives one year, dying along with the affected parts of the plant. However, sometimes it is perennial, surviving in bulbs, roots, and other wintering organs. All species of the family Peronosporaceae are obligate parasites, extremely specialized in their nutrition (requiring a specific host). The most injurious downy mildews are those that infect grapes, cabbages, turnips, onions, alfalfa, cucumbers, sunflowers, beets, tobacco, and several other cultivated plants.

Control measures include the implementation of correct cultivation procedures, the selection of resistant varieties, and dusting or spraying the plants with fungicides.


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Geneticists and breeders have, to date, identified multiple sources of resistance to powdery mildew, downy mildew and phomopsis.
Aiming at to contribute to one more option to control the downy mildew of the grapevine, the objective of this study was to evaluate the antifungal effect of essential oils on the spore germination of P.
The diseases such as powdery mildew, Downy mildew are tested by proposed algorithm.
Since potassium phosphonate -- the treatment previously used by organic winegrowers to fight downy mildew -- was classified as an agricultural chemical in 2013, organic winegrowers are reduced to fighting the fungus with a copper preparation.
Models for quantifying the damage caused by downy mildew can be obtained by quantifying severity of the disease and correlating it with yield.
The company said MBI-110 is a broad spectrum product and is notable for its activity on downy mildews and white molds, as shown in two years of field trials in the US, Canada and Europe.
Ozone will not work for other fungal diseases such as downy mildew, black rot, and bitter rot--which are prevalent in humid climates--because those infections occur within the plant tissue.
Downy mildew is usually a lettuce grower's worst nightmare; it's the biggest problem in lettuce production.
Pathogen isolates were sampled from naturally infected plants in sunflower parcels at Clermont-Ferrand by the Plant Protection Service during its annual downy mildew survey.
Investigations of alfalfa resistance to fungal diseases showed that material of different origin were considerably different by resistance to downy mildew (Jie et al.
There's some suspicion viable downy mildew is carried on seed, but the evidence at this point is all circumstantial.
With a guaranteed revenue stream for any hops he grew, and a plan for dealing with such constant threats as downy mildew, Vidoni was ready to take another big step with business partner and longtime friend Charlie Whedbee.