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A downy covering of hair, especially that seen on the fetus or persisting on the adult body.



the very fine hair covering the body of the seven-month and eight-month human fetus; most falls out before birth.

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Signs of anorexia include extreme weight loss, constipation and abdominal pains, dizzy spells, bloated stomach, puffy face and ankles, downy hair on the body, poor blood circulation, cold, dry, rough or discoloured skin, and loss of periods.
The foetus is covered in downy hair, which disappears before the birth
The loo rolls contain the downy hair collected from Cashmere goats but usually associated with expensive jumpers, socks and gloves.
As well as treating thicker hair, it can also target Opeach fuzzO, the downy hair that can appear on the sides of the face, back of neck, shoulders and even breasts.
The average life of your hair ranges from around four months for the downy hair on your body to three to five years for long scalp hair.
Everyone has a fine covering of downy hair on their faces.
Fine downy hair may grow back slowly if you rub in a preparation containing the drug Minoxidil.
Weight loss, sometimes extreme; loss of, or failure to start periods; dizziness, sometimes fainting*; tiredness*; stomach pains and feeling full when only small amounts of food have been eaten; low body temperate and marked tendency to feel the cold; poor circulation leading to cold hands and feet and, if untreated, to sores which can become ulcerated; skin on hands and feet has a purplish colour; development of downy hair on back; loss of pubic or underarm hair; head hair becomes dull, and may fall out*; constipation; mouth ulcers and tooth erosion*; calluses on back of fingers (due to rubbing against teeth when inducing vomiting)*.
Perhaps it's because the type of chemo has changed, but I definitely have a light sprinkling of soft, downy hair - just like Gigi in fact
When she was born, he looked at her and said: 'She looks just like a peach - pink with downy hair - that's what we'll call her.
It follows a classical pattern, starting when normal hair at the temples and crown is replaced by fine, downy hair.