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A downy covering of hair, especially that seen on the fetus or persisting on the adult body.



the very fine hair covering the body of the seven-month and eight-month human fetus; most falls out before birth.

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Beware downy hair - the more hair, the bigger the love rat
These can cause hormone changes which lead to an excess of fine downy hair over most of the body.
Her head was the size of a golf ball and she had downy hair all over her dangerously-transparent skin.
The fact is that every woman has a fine covering of downy hair on her face.
Lanugo, derived from the Latin word "lana," is the coat of delicate downy hairs that covers a newborn infant for protection and warmth within the womb.
However, one variety of the plant, Pitcher's thistle, a threatened species, is mostly benign, with a beautiful bloom and soft, bluegreen leaves covered in downy hairs.
The camera caresses the outline of the soldier, the curve of his ear, the fine and downy hairs of his nape--places that entice without reference to secondary sexual characteristics.
Pain Free Hair Remover The pencil-slim Facial Groomer is a safe and easy way to remove fine, downy hairs from face, hairline, upper lip, cheeks or chin - without razors, depilatories, waxes or electrolysis.
The Pulsatilla buds emerge from the earth covered with fine downy hairs all along their stems and a feathery collar that surrounds the petals.