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small, high-powered racing boat designed to skim along the surface of the water. Its hull is so shaped that at high speeds the bow is tilted up out of the water, reducing the effect of frictional drag. Hydroplanes are commonly powered by outboard motors.



a light, high-speed vessel. Because of the special shape of its bottom, during mption the hydroplane gains hydrodynamic thrust, which lifts the nose part and causes a significant general up-floating of the vessel. (It appears to slip or glide along the surface of the water.) As a result, the area of contact between the bottom and the water is reduced, resistance to movement decreases, and the traveling speed increases. Light internal combustion engines and gas turbines are mounted on hydroplanes. Propellers (less often, airscrews) and water jets serve as propelling devices. Hydroplanes are used to carry passengers, for guard duty, in sport races, and for pleasure.


(naval architecture)
A boat which when operated at high speed planes on the surface of the water; the bottom of such a craft is normally a prismatic surface. Also known as planing boat.


1. a motorboat equipped with hydrofoils or with a shaped bottom that raises its hull out of the water at high speeds
2. an attachment to an aircraft to enable it to glide along the surface of water
3. another name (esp US) for a seaplane
4. a horizontal vane on the hull of a submarine for controlling its vertical motion
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Newton and some 200 other boats and drivers are expected this weekend at Puddingstone Lake in San Dimas for the International Hot Boat Association's Fallnationals of Drag Boat Racing.
The Columbia Drag Boat Association will be holding races at Dexter Lake on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the reservoir as well as Lowell Park will be closed for public use during this time.
The Columbia Drag Boat Association will hold races June 22-24 at Dexter Lake.
Van Nortwick enjoyed spending time with his children, hunting, fishing, logging, camping, drag boat racing, bowling and following Duck sports.
Our group of six has fish snap 150-pound braid, destroy 300-pound leaders, and drag boats headlong into snags.
The ramp team has shepherded four drag boats into the lake, some with racers holding up little red parasols to block the hot sun, others with water and ice dumped freshly down their necks to cool them down.
Once used as a tow path for horses to drag boats along the Blackstone Canal, the trail along the waterway now serves as a route for local cross-country running teams, people walking their dogs, and other outdoorsy types.