Dragon's Head

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Dragon’s Head

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dragon’s head is an alternate term for the north lunar node. As a point where eclipses occur, the lunar nodes were linked to ancient mythological notions about a celestial dragon that swallowed and regurgitated the Sun—hence the name.

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Another teenager in the group, Gerald Bayon, wore the dragon's head after the performance for the crowd's photos.
In a statement on Facebook, South Wales Police Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan wrote: "We are appealing for information following the theft of a large wooden dragon's head.
This game is similar to Crack the Whip, but the added suspense of escaping the dragon's head makes it a great chase game also.
The long wooden boats are decorated at one end with a dragon's head and are painted with colourful stripes.
The student liaison team also ensured the college looked the part by making a traditional dragon's head out of papier mache to get everyone in the mood.
Demonstrate this idea by making horns for a dragon's head.
When the brotherhood's ancient symbol of leadership, the Dragon's Head Baton, vanishes, Lok and Big D realise control of the Triads lies with the man who can retrieve the artefact.
Before he began dancing, he had a large dragon's head tattooed on his shoulder.
A thousand Viking guizers assemble at Hillhead in the Shetlands to throw burning torches into a longship, ending the Up Helly Aa Viking festivalLeft, Victorious driver Jean-Michel Bazire of France crossing the finish line on Kesaco Phedo in the 83th Prix d'Amerique trotting race in Vincennes, outside Paris; top, A dragon's head during the celebrations for the Chinese New Year in London's Trafalgar SquareTop, A man walks through heavy snow in Lerwick as blizzard storms hit the island; top right, a Russian Orthodox believer gets out of the icy water of a lake near Valdai-Iverskiy Monastery in Valdai, Novgorod region, some 250 miles northeast of Moscow.
Sion's wife, an ex-pupil of Treorchy, came up with the idea of using the teachers' handprints as the spikes on the dragon, which the pupils loved and it was decided that the student council should show the teachers how it's done by putting theirs on top of the dragon's head in luminous green paint.
It also inspired the creation of Naga (Balinese for "dragon") and its iconic dragon's head.