Dragon's Tail

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Dragon’s Tail

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dragon’s tail is an alternate term for the south lunar node.

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In Spenser's Fairie Queene later on in the second day of the dragon fight when Spenser's Dragon returns to attack Redcrosse, he succeeds in chopping the dragon's tail off:
The last person in line is the end of the dragon's tail, the one the dragon's head must catch.
Undeterred, Hopkins, the bookies' outsider, tried again to tweak the Welsh Dragon's tail when he branded him a "conman".
Last year, the youngster's bid to break into the lifeboat service was tracked by TV programme makers for BBC broadcast The Dragon's Tail.
Each shot or flick of the dragon's tail brings another climactic pyrotechnic display on a par with November 5.
And municipal politics, often a dragon's tail that can whip around and smack you at any moment.
In a quiet and intimate upstairs room ideally suited to the purpose - apart from a slightly obtrusive chandelier - Dragon's Tail Productions are presenting no fewer than eight monologues by three Birmingham women writers.
In a simple Chinese game called "Chase the Dragon's Tail," players almost look like that wiggling and winding dragon.
Putting a tropical twist on favorite cold-weather sports, such as snowboarding, having a snowball fight and ice fishing, the athletes will go head-to-head in activities ranging from surfing on Royal Caribbean's signature FlowRider surf simulator and racing on the Dragon's Tail alpine coaster ride in Labadee, to playing dodge ball on Allure's sports court, testing their hands at sushi-making, and more.
The dragon's tail formed the shape of an "e", while its spits of fire created the first three letters of Google.
Liam Beattie/Ethos Creative provided a stylised design featuring a dragon's tail and bluebird on both a red and white background, while Jake Cooper incorporated the face of Vincent Tan on to his vision for a new club shield.
She is the "star" of The Dragon's Tail broadcast on BBC 2 Wales on March 20.