Drainage Well

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drainage well

[′drān·ij ‚wel]
(civil engineering)
A vertical shaft in a masonry dam to intercept seepage before it reaches the downstream side.

Drainage Well


an installation for drying out one or several aquiferous horizons above the production level by allowing water to flow under the force of gravity into an aquiferous horizon under a mining excavation or deposit. Such wells are used to drain deposits of minerals, primarily in the preliminary drainage stage.

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West Elk Mine was honored for excellence in land reclamation, including the use of existing ATV trails for sealing drainage wells to limit disturbance and the use of natural materials for erosion control on lands administered by the U.
The Class V well category encompasses a wide variety of wells that are typically shallow, percolating systems, such as dry wells, leach fields, and similar types of drainage wells that overlie underground sources of drinking water.
It was decided to modernize the drainage Wells among others the construction of a new pumping station that in terms of capacity is large enough for all of Putten.
Execution of drainage wells, observation holes, holes reconnaissance reconnaissance drainage holes, auxiliary consumables for overburden holes,technical openings - clarifying reservoir, technical openings - clarifying for installation of inclinometers, technical openings - clarifying reconnaissance for the areas of engineering-geological hazards, drainage holes directional - P / BelchatEw and P / SzczercEw.
The contract is the provision of services connected with pumping rainwater from the streets that do not have municipal storm water drainage wells and lymph team in TargEwek District of the Capital City Warsaw.
Dokoszenie hand after mechanical mowing embankments of the river BeniaminEwki backlinks and cleaning of drainage wells, shaft left-handed km 0 + 000-2 + 070, the shaft right-handed km 0 + 000-1 + 430These works include the area of activity of the Inspectorate WZMiUW in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki.
This component aims at addressing the problem of high groundwater levels by financing for improvements in surface irrigation and drainage network as well as for installation of subsurface horizontal and vertical drainage wells.
Lot 1: various demolition, stone frames, concrete angle brackets, large stone paving, concrete slabs, water-binding gravel roof, gutter paving, drainage wells, various equipment.
The pipe full of polyester resin GRP, built-in drainage wells DN 400 / DA 427 L = 3 000 mm connectors and connecting rods - 163 pcs.
Existing concrete drainage wells should be renovated by sealing the walls, replacement of degrees zlazowych and making tight connections to the rebuilt line.
as part of the anticipated reconstruction of drainage wells in the approximate quantity of 44 pieces with the use of construction chemicals applied by spraying mechanical and replacement of sewer manholes for the new logo aquanet the approximate quantity of 24 pieces.