Drake's Bay

Drake's Bay,

inlet of the Pacific Ocean, formed by the San Andreas fault, W Calif., NW of San Francisco. Point Reyes forms its outer arm. The bay was visited by Sir Francis DrakeDrake, Sir Francis,
1540?–1596, English navigator and admiral, first Englishman to circumnavigate the world (1577–80). Early Career

He was born in Devonshire, the son of a yeoman, and was at an early age apprenticed to a ship captain.
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 in 1579.
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For families with children on an excursion to that lovely stretch of coastline, check for Russ Leadabrand's The Secret of Drake's Bay (Ward Ritchie Press, 1969), a classic California children's book.
Assembling California illustrates how California's geologic past and how it came to be one of the most resource-rich and biologically diverse places on Earth C and how the rapid build-up of carbon dioxide on the planet today portends catastrophe for many species, from coast redwoods to oysters grown in Drake's Bay.
Those convinced in the past of his landing site had already named Drake's Cove, an inlet near the larger Drake's Bay as the unofficial precise landing site in Point Reyes.
He continues to work to publicize the exciting story of Francis Drake's thirty-six-day stay at Drake's Bay in 1579.
From steep forested ridges down canyons choked with coyote brush, across rolling grasslands and finally a salt marsh, the Vision fire - started by an illegal campfire on nearby state land - marched to the beach at Drake's Bay before it was contained.
There seems to be a trend of general recovery this month," said Chris Dann, president of Drake's Bay Fundraising, who provided commentary for the report.
served Drake's Bay oysters at a luncheon following a visit
Drake's Bay Oyster Company, formally Johnson's Oyster
Located at the heart of the Union Square district on the Powell Street Cable Car lines, the Sir Francis Drake Hotel was named for the legendary explorer who in 1579 narrowly missed discovering San Francisco Bay and instead founded Drake's Bay 28 miles to the north.
OTC BB:LAKO), an independent oil and gas exploration/development company headquartered in Atlanta, announces participation in a significant joint venture in the West Drake's Bay Development Prospect, Plaquemines Parish, La.
7 million dollars to test five Drake's Bay Tex (L) Field payzones plus three deeper untested normal pressured sands that have produced in the Fort Jackson Field to the west.