Driftless Area

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Driftless Area,

c.13,000 sq mi (33,670 sq km), largely in SW Wis. but extending into SE Minn., NE Iowa, and NW Ill. The continental glacier which covered most surrounding regions did not touch this area, which abounds in caves and sinkholes and has residual, well-drained soil. Because it was an important lead-mining region, the federal government prohibited farming in the Driftless Area until the 1840s. It was then settled by European immigrants.
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Casler and his colleagues have since found the plant on more than 300 farms in the driftless region of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.
Westby is located in the Driftless region of the upper-Midwest where glacial formations long ago carved deep river valleys and left soaring plateaus marking the landscape.
Downtown Viroqua, Wisconsin, in the heart of the enchanting driftless region of southwest Wisconsin.
It has gradually emerged from oak-savanna refuges to dominate many pastures in the Midwest's Driftless Region, named for its lack of glacial drift, material left behind by retreating continental glaciers.