Drill Hole

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drill hole

[′dril ‚hōl]
A hole created or enlarged by a drill or auger. Also known as borehole.

Drill Hole


(shpur), a man-made cylindrical cavity in a solid medium, such as rock or concrete, with a diameter up to 75 mm and a depth up to 5 m. Drill holes are used to place blasting charges, to anchor supports, and to force water or cement into the surrounding rock. The holes are drilled with hammer drills, electric drills, and other light-duty drilling machines.

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The RM discovery drill hole (GAZN08-06), now referred to as the RM Zone, is located 300 metres northeast of core drill hole RMZ11-21, indicating a 425 metre strike length of mineralization to date.
Although the Company is optimistic about its preliminary drill results to date, assays for core drill holes RMZ11-21 and RMZ11-23 are pending and will be announced when received and reviewed by the Company.
During 2005, Bonaventure completed 28 drill holes totaling 9140 ft of drilling.
The Company is still awaiting receipt of results from diamond drill holes drilled on previously untested structures located in the Central Dachang region.
The current release gives results of the latest eleven drill holes that have tested the NR2FZ.
Also reported here for the first time are silver results from drill hole KD-30, located 100 metres south of KD-37.
Reverse circulation drill hole LCP-155 located approximately 30 metres north of drill holes LCD-24 and LCD-62, intersected 6 metres at a grade of 1.
We're now very hopeful that the reflection profile records, which we use conventionally to extend the detail information we get from drill holes, will become more readable, and readable in terms of the oceanography of long-ago oceans," Winterer concludes.
The Company is undertaking a 7,500-foot core drilling program designed to confirm and expand prior drilling at the project, where more than 60 core and RVC drill holes have been drilled by a number of major mining companies over the past 50+ years.
Two drill holes have been completed so far in the central portion of the body.
Earlier today, project operator Fronteer Development Group has reported assay results from a series of drill holes that tested two additional target areas in the district, Jacques Lake and Otter Lake, which are located approximately 25 km and 30 km, respectively, east-northeast of the historic Michelin uranium deposit.
included 199 vertical diamond drill holes and reverse circulation holes totaling 99,436 lineal feet.