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(1) (Data Instrumentation Systems) See DST.

(2) (Dis) A virtual machine. See Inferno.


god of nether world; identified with Pluto. [Rom. Myth.: Leach, 315]
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In conclusion, inhibitors, as well as inducers of CYP3A4 isoenzyme, might be the cause of potential drug interactions with statins, as suggested by this case report.
Patients at high risk for drug interactions also include those taking anticonvulsants, antibiotics, or drugs such as digoxin, warfarin, or amiodarone.
In addition to drug interactions, the review confirmed the misidentification, adulteration, and contamination of herbal products.
Network doctors using the Allscripts' Touch-Script Personal Prescriber will receive information about potentially harmful drug interactions and side effects.
EDI's thorough, up-to-date monographs offer clinicians immediate access to in-depth, precise information on drug interactions.
provide a manual for psychiatric clinicians, residents, and nurses on drug interactions.
No adverse effects due to drug interactions were noted.
Assessing the risk of drug to drug interactions via Aureus DDI Predict will help our customers to optimize their decision process and lead to both cost and time savings during drug discovery and development.
Notice of important new drug interactions (Norvir or Kaletra), 2005-03-30
WASHINGTON -- Simply placing a list of common drug interactions on patient charts will make it easier to identify such interactions in patients with endocrine disorders, John B.
There are no known clinically significant drug interactions with lamivudine.
To make sure you're taking your medications correctly, and to avoid dangerous drug interactions, there's a new Web site that offers information on medicines.

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