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god of nether world; identified with Pluto. [Rom. Myth.: Leach, 315]
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UK-based Mereo BioPharma Group has reported positive results for its Phase one drug interaction study with acumapimod, the active compound in its p38 MAP kinase inhibitor, BCT-197, it was reported on Friday.
Since published studies have not primarily focused on evaluating drug interaction resources, the objectives of this study were to (1) evaluate seven drug information resources specifically designed for analyzing drug interactions for scope, completeness, and ease of use, and (2) determine the consistency of content among the seven resources.
efficacy Genetic polymorphisms in the CYP2D6 could complicate the picture (decreased or increased CYP2D6 activity) Lithium Avoid these medications in patients taking lithium toxicity (2-5) but, if necessary to use them, monitor closely and adjust lithium dosage as needed CYP: cytochrome P450; NSAIDs: non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs; TCAs: tricyclic antidepressants Table 2 Considerations when reviewing a patient's drug regimen for possible drug-drug interactions Assess for drug interactions with reliable resources: * If the patient has a complex drug regimen or medical history (transplant, epilepsy, etc.
The drug interaction device leverages native smartphone technology for a fast, easy and intuitive way to check for interactions, regardless of the time or location.
30) Understanding and identifying drug interactions with psychiatric medications is perhaps more challenging than in any other area of medicine.
The consistency in listing and in ranking of clinically significant drug interactions among three compendia was estimated using descriptive statistics and calculating intraclass coefficient of correlation (ICC) [25].
As healthcare providers, remember that there may be the possibility of drug interactions when patients deliberately or innocently combine certain medications.
Have any family members experienced drug interactions or adverse side effects?
Making staff aware of dangerous drug interactions might be a little easier with the newly released list of America's Top Ten Particularly Dangerous Drug Interactions in Long Term Care.
The guide, first published in 1994, explains the different types of drug interactions, and includes questions to ask healthcare professionals.

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