Drumev, Vasil

Drumev, Vasil


Born 1841 (according to other sources, 1838), in Shumen; died July 10, 1901, in Turnovo. Bulgarian writer and public figure.

Drumev graduated from the Odessa Seminary and the Kiev Divinity School (1869). In his youth he was close to Bulgarian revolutionaries. During the period 1869-73 he was one of the founders of the Bulgarian Literary Society in Braila, Rumania. He was an advocate of Bulgaria’s rapprochement with Russia. In 1884, Drumev became Metropolitan Kliment of Turnovo. He is famous as the author of the novellas An Unfortunate Family (1860; Russian translation, 1880) and The Schoolboy and the Benefactors (1864) and the historical drama Ivanko, the Assassin of Asen I (1872), in which, on the basis of events of the 12th century, he poses problems of duty and the love of power, of state and personal interests.


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In Russian translation:
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