Drury Lane

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Drury Lane,

street and district of London, at first a place of fine residences, among which was that of the Drury family. It was the site of the original Drury Lane Theatre, which was built by Thomas KilligrewKilligrew, Thomas
, 1612–83, English dramatist and theater manager, b. London. Before the closing of the theaters by the Puritans in 1642, he wrote several tragicomedies, including The Prisoners and Claracilla.
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 in 1663 under a charter from Charles II and called the Theatre Royal. After burning down (1672), the theater was rebuilt (1674) with Christopher Wren as architect. It was again rebuilt (1791–94) and again burned down (1809). The present Drury Lane Theatre was changed according to the design of Benjamin Wyatt in 1812. The oldest English theater still in use, it has at various times housed everything from a circus to opera.


See Reminiscences of Michael Kelly of the King's Theatre and Theatre Royal Drury Lane (2 vol., 2d ed. 1826, repr. 1968).

Drury Lane

London street famed for theaters; the theatrical district. [Br. Hist.: Herbert, 1321]
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Mrs Kenwigs, with the assistance of Newman Noggs, (who, as he performed sundry little acts of kindness for the children, at all times and seasons, was humoured in his request to be taken no notice of, and was merely spoken about, in a whisper, as the decayed gentleman), did as he was desired; and the greater part of the guests sat down to speculation, while Newman himself, Mrs Kenwigs, and Miss Petowker of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, looked after the supper-table.
has comic powers that would do honour to Drury Lane Theatre.
I lived some months once in the neighborhood of Drury Lane entirely on Black Eyes.
Once, I remember carrying my own bread (which I had brought from home in the morning) under my arm, wrapped in a piece of paper, like a book, and going to a famous alamode beef-house near Drury Lane, and ordering a 'small plate' of that delicacy to eat with it.
But Drury Lane Theatre's bold new production in Oakbrook Terrace takes the normally family-friendly "Joseph" in directions surely never imagined by creators Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Now in the heart of the business district, Drury Lane once served as the location for Liverpool's first official theatre back in 1740.
IM Properties is revamping buildings in Drury Lane South in a PS1.
The new production will preview at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, from March 20, 2017.
The 72-year-old film star made his claims during an evening in conversation with Jonathan Ross and an assembled audience at London's Drury Lane Theatre.
1745: God Save The King was first performed at Drury Lane Theatre, arranged by Thomas Arne.
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THE BRITISH ACADEMY TELEVISION AWARDS Sun BBC1 8pm Celebrities get their glad rags on for the annual TV knees-up, which is once again hosted by Graham Norton at London's Theatre Royal Drury Lane.