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a river in Byelorussian SSR; a right tributary of the Dnieper, flowing into the Dnieper at Rogachev. Length, 295 km; basin area, 5,020 sq km. The Drut’ rises in the Orshansk uplands and flows through the narrow wooded shores of the Central Berezina plain. Its mean annual flowrate at the mouth is 30 cu m per sec. The river is used for floating timber; its lower reaches are navigable. The city of Tolochin is located on its banks.

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Galliform chicks depend on invertebrate food in the first few weeks after hatching and gradually switch later to plant food, a development that may be accompanied by changing habitat preferences (Stewart 1956, Wallestad 1971, Drut et al.
However, there are significant national differences regarding the aggregated annual profits and losses and debt levels of first division clubs, as Drut and Raballand (2012) show in their paper.
Hollande met with three members of the French Olympic committee, Jean-Claude Killy, Guy Drut and Tony Estanguet earlier this month.
Controversial members of the International Olympic Committee will also revel in luxury hospitality, including former French sports minister Guy Drut, who was also an Olympic hurdler, who was given a 15-month suspended prison sentence for fraudulently accepting a salary for a fictitious job created as part of a wider Paris City Hall scam.
The primary purpose of the Drut s jammer was to identify and block fire control radars that made SAMs so effective.
He usually begins with a shortened classical number, shortened to only the bandish, the aasthai and the antara and then fast tracks to the drut and the tans that increase in their tempo at a much-accelerated phase.
On the other hand, the elimination of toxins increases the metabolic efficiency of the cells, which means that in many cases a drut is more efficiently absorbed into the cell--an therefore will be needed in reduced amounts.
The past ten years has really seen the market for French art deco furniture develop into an established, blue-chip arena', confirms Benoist Drut of Malson Gerard, New York.
Drut has been given a suspended 15-month sentence and fined 50,000 euros (pounds 35,000) after being found guilty in a case where companies were accused of paying major political parties to win contracts to renovate schools around Paris.
Guy Drut, the 110 metres hurdles gold medallist at the 1976 Games, has been an IOC member since 1996 and was one of the leading members of Paris' failed bid for the 2012 Games.
Among the accused is Guy Drut, the 1976 Olympic 100 metre hurdle gold medalist who later served as a sports minister and is now a member of the International Olympic Committee.
Golf courses and swimming pools currently operated by the city have no fee variation for residents and nonresidents, according to Recreation and Parks Department spokesman Harvey Drut.