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ZnCO3 White, yellow, gray, brown, or green secondary carbonate mineral associated with sphalerite and commonly reniform, botryoidal, stalactitic, or granular; hardness is 5 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is 4.30-4.45; it is an ore of zinc. Also known as calamine; dry-bone ore; szaskaite; zinc spar.



(named after the British chemist and mineralogist J. Smithson, 1765-1829), a mineral of the natural carbonate group; chemical composition, ZnCO3 (ZnO, 64.9 percent; CO2, 35.1 percent). It contains as admixtures Fe, Mn, Cd, Co, Mg, and Pb. Smithsonite crystallizes in the trigonal system. The crystals, which occur rarely, are rhombohedral or scalenohe-dral. Smithsonite usually occurs as granular or earthy masses and stalactitic aggregates with a conchoidal structure. It is, among other colors, white, yellowish, gray, or brown. Its hardness on Mohs scale is 4–4.5, and its density is 4,300–4,400 kg/m3.

Smithsonite is a typical commercial mineral from the zone of oxidation of deposits of primary zinc sulfides in limestones that is formed as a result of the replacement of the limestones. Deposits are found in northern Mexico, Greece (Laurium), Poland (Olkusz), and southwestern Africa (Tsumeb). In the USSR, there are deposits in the Kazakh SSR, Uzbek SSR, and Transbaikalia. [23–1830–]

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Yes, I confess, you have rattled my dry bones pretty considerably.
To date he has published four novels: No Man in the House (1991), Sleep on Beloved (1995) Dry Bone Memories and Slammin' Tar (1995).
Kicking off with new numbers Dry Bone Valley and Black Tongue, they delivered blow after blow to the solar plexus by plundering their back catalogue.
We don't just work on dry bone, like archaeologists.
Man's inventiveness has set him aside from lesser monkeys since the day homo erectus picked up a dry bone and saw in it an cleverly designed kitchen implement.
The Changing Same: A review of Cecil Foster's Dry Bone Memories (novel), Key Porter Books, 460 pages, $26.
After our visit to Scotty's Castle, while proceeding south through the park, we encountered a coyote in an area between Dry Bone Canyon and Mesquite Flat.
Somewhere out in that national park expanse are Coffin Peak, Dry Bone Canyon, Deadman Pass and Lost Lake.
Or, in other participants' words: piezoelectricity for dry bone, streaming potential for wet bone.
Place names such as Furnace Creek, The Devil's Golf Course, Hell's Gate and Dry Bone Canyon certainly hint at what you're in for as you enter this barren territory.
The Dry Bones crew is mostly the Yeah Board Shop skate team and whoever else is awesome.
We needed to be marked with that sign of hope, the sign of the One who promises to gather our ashes and our dry bones and bring them, once again, to life.