Dual In-Line Package

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dual in-line package

[¦dü·əl ¦in ‚līn ′pak·ij]
Microcircuit package with two rows of seven vertical leads that are easily inserted into an etched circuit board. Abbreviated DIP.

Dual In-Line Package

(DIL, DIP) The most common type of package for small and medium scale integrated circuits, with up to about 48 pins. The pins hang vertically from the two long edges of the rectangular package, spaced at intervals of 0.1 inch. The pins fit through holes in the circuit board to which they are soldered or into a socket.

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It also provides fully static operation with no minimum clock speed, multifunction timer, power-saving STOP and WAIT modes, illegal address reset, 8 X 8 unsigned multiply instruction, a 20-pin plastic dual in-line package (PDIP) and 20-pin surface mount small outline package (SOIC).
Both devices are available in 8-pin Dual In-Line Package (DIP) or 8-pin Small Outline Package (SOP).
The new bridge rectifiers are made with glass-passivated die and encapsulated in either a four-pin thru-hole (D-70) or a surface-mount (D-71) dual in-line package.