dual-mode handset

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dual-mode handset

A cellphone that supports two types of services such as analog and digital, two types of digital or cellular and non-cellular service. See fixed mobile convergence, GAN and dual-band handset.


   analog and digital (TDMA, CDMA, GSM)
   digital and digital (TDMA, CDMA, GSM)

   Cellular + Other

   cellular and Wi-Fi
   cellular and satellite
   cellular and cordless
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As the sole-source developer and provider of the DMLGB kits, Lockheed Martin upgraded more than 7,000 PavewayTM II LGB guidance kits with dual mode, all-weather capability.
Realizing the 3G industry trend in China, Spreadtrum announced in the 3GSM World Congress that, it has spent its endeavor onto TD-SCDMA/GSM dual mode development since the first day it was involved in the TD industry.
The second advantage the iX104RD Dual Mode offers is its ability to be adapted to the needs of large companies that seek tablet PCs but are faced with multiple computing standards.
Avaya one-X Mobile Dual Mode on Nokia Eseries business devices delivers greater convenience, enhanced functionality and improved security by giving workers one device for business and personal use, one number call access, and one voicemail message interface.
The new dual mode terminal will be backward compatible with Comtech's existing satellite terminals currently in use in the battlefield.
The list of interoperability partners addresses dual mode handsets from three of the top four global handset suppliers.
A retractable, dual mode antenna keeps the phone's size small while improving performance when extended.
By providing both hardware and software elements customers can benefit from fast time to market for dual mode products.
The dual mode concept permits this unique printer to address a wider range of applications in this burgeoning $2.
com) is a leading one-stop solutions provider of Dual Mode Smart Communication Devices for consumers and business professionals.
Provider of the M6100 analog/digital dual mode cellular phone and the GMH 2000 digital cellular switch, HNS also operates GM Net, a proprietary cellular telephone network now operational in several major U.
The first with dual mode support, the new chip bridges the worlds of fixed and mobile WiMAX, helping equipment manufacturers build customer premise equipment at increasingly attractive price points, and service providers to break ground on upgradeable networks.