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, Duala
the chief port and largest city in W Cameroon, on the Bight of Bonny: capital of the German colony of Kamerun (1901--16). Pop.: 1 980 000 (2005 est.)



(also Douala), a people of Cameroon, inhabiting the shores of the Gulf of Guinea.

The Duala are subdivided into the Mboko, Bakwari, Pongo, Wuri, and several other tribes. The Duala and the related Balundu and Bassa peoples number about 700,000 (1967 estimate). The language of the Duala is related to the northwestern branch of the Bantu linguistic family and is one of the principal languages in southern Cameroon. Although the majority of Duala are Christians, some have preserved their ancient traditional beliefs (the worship of natural forces and ancestors). Their chief occupations are agriculture (millet, manioc, cacao), the harvesting of the fruit of the oil palm, the gathering of rubber, and, on the coast, fishing. Some Duala work in enterprises in Douala and Kribi.


Dugast, I. Inventaire ethnique du Sud Cameroun. [Douala] 1949.
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38) Los duala pertenecen a la etnia de los ndowe que habita en las costas de Gabon, Guinea Ecuatorial y Camerun.
En langue duala, massosso ma nyambe veut dire litteralement << les trois piliers d'un foyer >>.
The wheel is important in the history of Liberia,' says Tiklo Teah, whose laminated ID card names him as the security chief of the Duala Market branch of the National Wheelbarrow Operators Association of Liberia (NAWOAL).
Unlike Carl Bender, who became fluent in Duala, the Gebauers never made the effort to learn a Cameroonian language other than the lingua franca, Pidgin English.
This antelope or buffolo mask of 1908 is from Duala, Cameroon.
River basin (tributary) group end of road I Sanaga (Noun) Shu-pamen Yes II Sanaga (Mbam) Shu-pamen No III Wouri/Sanaga Tunen Yes IV Nyong Beti-fang Yes V Nyong/Lokoundje Kwasio No VI Ntem Beti-fang Yes VII Ntem Beti-fang No VIII Congo (Dja) Kawzime No IX Congo (Dja) Mpo Yes X Calabar/Niger (Cross) Esirnbi Yes XI Niger Limbum Yes XII Calabar (Cross) Kenyang No XIII Ndian Oroko No XIV Wouri (Dibamba) Bassa No XV Sanaga Duala Yes XVI Congo (Dja) Beti-fang Yes XVII Sanaga Gbete Yes Table 2.
Y, finalmente, no estara de mas insistir en que se hace necesario manejar con rigor no solo la documentacion antigua, sino tambien la bibliografia moderna, pues, por ejemplo, bongo, todavia sin etimo para la Academia (2001), es considerado por Morinigo (1998) probable antillanismo, y en otra monografia sin referencia bibliografica se recoge entre los vocablos tradicionalmente aceptados como afroamericanismos (Quesada Pacheco 2000: 139), procedencia africana del referido vocablo que con varios argumentos he procurado justificar (1996: 351-354), asimismo defendida, aunque en una relacion para mi discutible con bongo, por Alvarez, quien, citando a Megenney, le propone como etimo un duala mbongo 'palo, viga' (1987: 70, 103).
For a less than ideal view of family there's the Duala saying: "The spear of kinship soon pierces the eye.
The resort report finds Kevin Duala in Tenerife, with up to the minute information on Playa de las Americas.
For example, the Europeans formed an alliance with the rich Bamileke in order to exploit the Beti, the Bulu, the Bafia, the Bassa, as well as the Bamoun and the Duala.
He is the author of, among other works, African Economic History (1987), and Middlemen of the Cameroon Rivers: The Duala and their Hinterland (1999).