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1. any of various former European gold or silver coins, esp those used in Italy or the Netherlands
2. any coin or money



a silver and, subsequently, a gold coin. It was first issued in Italy in 1140. It was minted in Florence beginning in 1252 and in Venice beginning in 1284. The ducat was widely used in Western European countries as the coin of the highest standard. It contained 3.4-3.5 g of gold. In Russia, the ducat (cheronvets) was minted from 1701 through 1885 with a content of 3.6 g of pure gold.

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Just as in the 15th and 16th centuries you could sleep with your sister and kill and lie without fear of eternal damnation, today you can live exactly as you please as long as you give your ducats to one of the companies selling indulgences.
Here, a money changer in Genoa gives Peter, who needs them, 1,000 ducats but not according to the value of the ducat current in Bruges or London, for the value of the ducat there is 50 groats, but in Ghent its value is 52 groats.
Shylock tricks Antonio into promising a pound of his own flesh if he cannot pay the 3000 ducats back in timeBassanio swiftly departs for Belmont with the money and secures Portia's hand.
On his death in 1537, a merchant called Thomas Howell left 12,000 gold ducats to the Drapers' Company to provide dowries 'every yere for Maydens for ever'.
According to Rugg, the tests done show that author Wilfred Voynich probably created the manuscript to make money, which he did when it was brought by the Emperor of Bohemia for 600 ducats, a fortune at the time, reports The Guardian.
For there, about His neck, the strings of ducats shine;
You figure if any team's fans can figure a way to score some late ducats for the Super Bowl, it's the eye-bulging, alcohol-crazed zealots from the Raider Nation, who almost turned Oakland's regular-season game in San Diego this year into their own private tailgate party.
Festival ticket packages are available in November, and individual ducats ($8--$10) go on sale January 11 at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City and the Marriott at Summit Watch in Park City.
It is clear, however, that someone who lends one hundred gold ducats in Genoa would incur a loss if just as many gold ducats, or their equivalent there, were paid him in Bruges, precisely both because he would give more than he received inasmuch as it is the fact that a gold ducat is worth more in Genoa than in Bruges and because he has to undertake the expense of the contracted money to regain it at Genoa where the contract for the loan was made.
Eighth, it is extremely important that whoever lends in Portugal one hundred ducats is able to take for them in Medina more than one hundred for the only reason that they are worth more there than here.
Also drawings for Las Vegas trips, gift basket, television, Disneyland ducats, T-shirts, department store and restaurant gift certificates.
The printer Nicolo Bevilacqua, for example, furnished his second daughter with a dowry worth 1,000 ducats in books and printing.