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Lighter flipping chores center around scattered hyacinths, duck weed or other cover thin enough to actually bring the bass to the top without having to dig for it.
2 Green water and other pond problems - now that the water temperatures are beginning to rise, we are likely to see blanket weed and green algal blooms in the water and an increase in weeds such as duck weed.
Even an old sink will suffice, though it is wise to remember that in small pools in particular, a good covering of duck weed or a small shallow rooted waterlily is important to cut out excessive sunlight, which when combined with the mineral salts present in tap water, is a recipe for water which resembles pea soup.
Remove blanket weed and duck weed to prevent them from clogging up water features.
NOW that the sun is shining, blanket weed and duck weed could become a problem in your pond.
With a simple dipping net - the kind that children use in ponds and streams - scoop off any duck weed that may have grown.