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Place of birth: Dudley, England Died: February 21, 1958 (aged 21), Munich, Germany Height: 5ft 11in: Position: Wing-half Man United career: 1953-1958 (177 appearances, 21 goals).
Firman Glass has been involved in the fabrication and installation of a number of innovative glass projects including the glass columns and beams at Broadfield House glass museum, Dudley, England, and the cantilevered glass canopy in Tokyo, Japan.
One of the leading makers of discerning hardware since 1987, Ashley Norton is based in Dudley, England, with its North American operations located just north of Miami.
The new business includes contracts for pre-cast concrete product supply for a large Tesco store in Dudley, England, two food warehouses in Montrose, Scotland and major underpinning work for a project in Co Waterford.
International locations include Freeport, Grand Bahama and Dudley, England.