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Dudu, asteroid 564 (the 564th asteroid to be discovered, on May 9, 1905), is approximately 50 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.6 years. It was named after a character in Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra. The unusual name of this planetoid (the connotations of which are obvious enough) led to its inclusion in The Asteroid Ephemeris: Dudu, Dembowska, Pittsburgh, Frigga, Batya Stark and Mark Pottenger’s tour de force of astrological humor.


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To the there-named south-fruits now, Similar, all-too-similar, Do I lie here; by little Flying insects Round-sniffled and round-played, And also by yet littler, Foolisher, and peccabler Wishes and phantasies,-- Environed by you, Ye silent, presentientest Maiden-kittens, Dudu and Suleika, --ROUNDSPHINXED, that into one word I may crowd much feeling:
Address : Pwd Division Dudu Hq Jaipur, Pwd Division Dudu, B-Block, Nirman Bhawan, Jacob Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, Jaipur, (Jaipur), Pin302006, Phone No.
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Republican People's Party (CHP) Hatay deputies Refik Eryylmaz and MevlE-t Dudu, who came to Adana to follow the trial, were not admitted to the court due to the confidentiality order and the media ban.
ANKARA, (SANA) -- MP of the Republican People's Party in Turkey, Mevlt Dudu said that the Turkish ambulances entering the Syrian territories under claims of rescuing injured people actually transport weapons to the armed terrorist groups and take the injured members back to Turkey for treatment.
Boro fans will be especially interested in Dudu, as he is known, and Correa, hoping they can add some flair to their side.
Summary: Multilingual social network Dudu has announced the successful negotiation of a $1 million sale for the domain name dudu.
IraqAEnAEroll, an original performance, attracted a big audience, blending together Iraqi classical music performed by Yair Dallal, international music master, and modern rock music by Dudu Tassa.
Cocky, athletic-looking 17-year-old Nice and slightly older, rail-thin Dudu are unlikely best friends who both hustle tricks and live either in vacant buildings and other squats or on the street.
Superstar entertainer Dudu Topaz found himself and the company that broadcasts his show in hot water after he bit an interviewee on prime time TV.
Dudu Tassa is a major figure in the Israeli rock scene.