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Kahanamoku, Duke,

1890–1968, American swimmer and surfer, b. Honolulu. A native Hawaiian, he was an excellent swimmer, surfer, and canoeist, and by 1911 he was setting Amateur Athletic Union swimming records, some of which were not recognized until years later. He won the gold medal in the 100-m freestyle and a silver medal in the freestyle relay at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic games, gold medals in both events in 1920 at Antwerp, and silver in the 100-m freestyle in 1924 at Paris. Kahanamoku also traveled widely, giving swimming and surfing demonstrations and popularizing the latter, which had been little known outside Hawaii. Kahanamoku moved to California in 1923 and appeared in movies, then returned to Hawaii, where he served as sheriff of Honolulu (1934–60).

Kahanamoku, Duke (Paoa)

(1890–1968) swimmer, surfer; born in Hawaii. He revolutionized sprint swimming by introducing the flutter kick, and for 20 years was an international freestyle champion. A member of Olympic teams from 1912 to 1932, he won gold medals in 1912 and 1920. In addition, he is generally regarded as having introduced surfboarding (practiced for centuries by Pacific islanders) to the West, starting with Australia and California about 1912. After a brief movie career, he was sheriff of Honolulu (1932–61).
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Duke Kahanamoku Beach, a well-groomed crescent of blond sand and palm trees near the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, beat out more than 600 other beaches for the distinction.
Hilton Hawaiian Village For water-sports lovers, the Hilton appeals for its spot on Waikiki's less crowded west end and its access to Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon and Beach.
Their award winning children's books include Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty; Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku, and Sacred Mountain: Everest.
The young Royal, who would later abdicate to marry Wallis Simpson, was given a three-day crash course by Hawaii's Duke Kahanamoku.
Pictura o reprezinta pe regina Liliuokalani, ultimul monarh hawaian si pe Duke Kahanamoku, parintele surfingului
From Duke Kahanamoku to the thousands of residents and visitors who surf.
99) on this smooth blend named after local surfing hero Duke Kahanamoku.
The family of a 56-year old Honolulu man who died after he got caught in the suction of a drain in the newly rebuilt Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon in Waikiki is suing the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Named after Duke Kahanamoku, the godfather of modern day surfing, the table is based on the laminate and wood design of 1950's surfboards.
While no one would accuse a technology company in the esoteric and very serious field of mortgage default management of having a surfing culture, the president and chief executive officer (CEO), Earl Olrich, is simply and only known as "Duke"--as in Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing.
The Oahu Gay Surf Club (808-779-7934) meets every Saturday in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue in Waikiki, and the members welcome beginners.
The optimism part comes from the endless-summer feeling otherwise prevalent in Southern California, perhaps epitomized by the restaurant's namesake, Duke Kahanamoku, the original Hawaiian celebrity surfer whose triumphant but now faded black-and-white photos drape the eatery's walls.
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