Duke of York Islands

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Duke of York Islands,

group of 13 coral islands, 23 sq mi (60 sq km), SW Pacific, in the Bismarck ArchipelagoBismarck Archipelago,
volcanic island group, 19,200 sq mi (49,730 sq km), SW Pacific, a part of Papua New Guinea. The group includes New Britain (the largest island), New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands, the Mussau Islands, New Hanover, the Vitu Islands, and the Duke of York
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, part of Papua New Guinea. There are several coconut plantations. Duke of York Island is the largest of the group, which was formerly called Neu Lauenburg.
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On 28 November last year, 1000 people from the Duke of York Islands in Papua New Guinea were told they were to be relocated from their homes, which were rapidly disappearing below sea level.
The residents of Takuu, a small atoll near the Duke of York Islands, are also watching their home disappear.