Dull Knife

Dull Knife (b. Wahiev, also Tamela Pashme)

(?1810–?83) Northern Cheyenne war chief; born near the Rosebud River in present-day Montana. At first friendly to the whites, he turned to war following the Sand Creek (Colo.) massacre (1864). After his people were forced from their homeland into the Indian Territory (1870s), he led a dwindling group on an epic and ultimately successful journey back to the north country.
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If there is a lot of fuzz, discoloration or smell to the towel, use a dull knife blade to transfer your live seeds to a freshly moistened towel.
Scrape with dull knife, removing rough parts of shell, and pull out hairy tuft if any shows.
The green stems can be pulled off, or, depending on age of child, a spoon or dull knife can be used for hulling.
Sharpening is a big part of maintenance because a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife," says Mahler.
8" blades--which means never having to say you're sorry for carrying a dull knife into the field.
A dull knife is a far greater danger to you than a sharp one.
A dull knife conspires against you and slows you down.
He was finally freed on the fifth day when he amputated his right forearm with a dull knife that he got free with a flashlight purchase.
A dull knife is a dangerous knife, and knowing when to restore your edge could be the difference between a job done well and safely and, well, an accidental slip-up that you regret for years.
Make sure you blot up liquid spills or scrape off solid buildup with the edge of a dull knife.