Duncan Grant

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Grant, Duncan

(Duncan James Corrowr Grant), 1885–1978, Scottish painter, b. Rothiermurchus, Inverness. He studied at London's Westminster School of Art (1902–4) and Slade School (1907–8) and at Paris's La Palette School (1906–7). A member of the Bloomsbury groupBloomsbury group,
name given to the literary group that made the Bloomsbury area of London the center of its activities from 1904 to World War II. It included Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf, E. M.
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 and exponent of postimpressionismpostimpressionism,
term coined by Roger Fry to refer to the work of a number of French painters active at the end of the 19th cent. who, although they developed their varied styles quite independently, were united in their rejection of impressionism.
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, he applied his talents to paintings (fluid, vibrantly colored portraits, landscapes, and still lifes), prints, theatrical costumes and scenery, and interior decor. Some of his designs were created in collaboration with Vanessa Bell, with whom he lived. Grant was also a founding member of the Omega Workshops (1913–19), for which he created textiles, ceramics, and other decorative items, and part of the London Group (est. 1915) of avant-garde artists.


See biography by F. Spalding (1998); studies by D. B, Turnbaugh (1987), S. Watney (1990, repr. 1999), and R. Shone (1993, 2000).

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But it is more puzzling--and perhaps more intriguing--that Duncan Grant was complicit in this neurotic union that lasted virtually until Vanessa's death in 1961.
I have a feeling that the discreet bisexuality of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant would have felt acutely embarrassed by the "annual celebration of Charleston's gay heritage with tea and cakes and musical accompaniment from Brighton's Rainbow Chorus".
2 -- 3) Works by Roger Fry (``Edith Stillwell,'' 1915, above) and Duncan Grant (``Virginia Woolf,'' 1912) were often considered controversial.
By way of illustration, since he is an artist, the author has chosen, for monochrome reproduction, sixteen paintings or drawings of his principals -- five by Vanessa Bell, three by Duncan Grant and one by himself.
L-R: Vanessa Bell | (Phoebe Fox), Lytton Strachey (Ed Birch) and Duncan Grant (James Norton) formed part of the Bloomsbury group, a collection of artists who outraged Victorian society
For example Vanessa, the backbone of the group, soon began a passionate affair with Clive Bell, but she later went on to have a daughter, Angelica, in 1918 with Duncan Grant who was also a lover of his cousin Lytton Strachey.
Duncan Grant, one of the original Bloomsbury Group, was frequently a guest in Aldeburgh, and the paintings of Sidney Nolan, the Australian painter is set alongside the work of Mary Potter, an artist who shared Christmases with Pears and Britten at the Red House, and gave them a hand-painted set of Happy Family postcards one year as a present, designs which provide the pretty endpapers for this book.
Hamstead- based Duncan Grant, 68, was freed from an Indian jail after serving a four-year sentence, The Sun reports.
Vanessa first becomes involved with the art critic Roger Fry, but her longest and most complicated relationship is with the painter Duncan Grant.