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see BrethrenBrethren,
German Baptist religious group. They were popularly known as Dunkards, Dunkers, or Tunkers, from the German for "to dip," referring to their method of baptizing. The Brethren evolved from the Pietist movement in Germany.
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It's amazing to see the Crazy Dunkers brand is being known by an increasing number of people.
Toney's jumping ability, long arm reach and thirst for the ball makes him the Eagles' best dunker - and he is looking forward to pitting his wits against the best in the country.
Among other attractions, the Crazy Dunkers showcased a vast array of somersaults, high jumps and gymnastic flips four to five metres in the air to break all conventional techniques of basketball.
The Army opened its first Dunker Heed Aircraft Underwater Egress training facility in Fort Rucker at the end of last year.
In the early 1980s, Darryl Dawkins, a slam dunker for the 76ers and Nets, won a reputation as the "Master Blaster," smashing six backboards in one season.
A further two runners-up will each receive a pair of tickets for the exclusive Dunkers POPWORLD party in Birmingham and four other winners will scoop the new Liberty X album plus great POPWORLD merchandise.
Some guards are also power dunkers, unafraid to challenge the tall trees that protect the basket, such as Michael Finley of the Dallas Mavericks and Jerry Stackhouse of the Detroit Pistons.
Last week, Cadle was unavoidably detained presenting the Dairylea Dunkers basketball (really) and Oakland Raiders guard Barry Sims (right) was wheeled in to replace him.
PHOENIX -- College basketball's best dunkers will be competing in the 24th Annual College Slam Dunk Contest - March 29, 9:00 p.
SAVE: 50p Kraft Dairylea Dunkers Jumbo (four), Co-op, were pounds 2.
Known as the world's best dunkers, Team Flight Brothers has been selected as the official team to wear the revolutionary APL basketball shoes with the patent-pending Load 'N Launch(TM) technology designed to instantly increase vertical leap up to 3.
Together the dunkers have raised nearly pounds 40,000 and as a charity that receives no Government funding this will go a long way.