Dunnet Head

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Dunnet Head,

sandstone promontory, 341 ft (104 m) high, Highland, NE Scotland. It is the northern extremity of the Scottish mainland.
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Numbers at Dunnet Head on the Caithness coast have dropped by 45 per cent since the last seabird census in 2000, falling from 8980 to 4880.
During the trip he will pass through locations such as Dunnet Head, the most northerly point in the UK; Whalley, the most central point; Holme Fen, the lowest point, and he will even climb up Ben Nevis, the highest point in the UK.
And its staff and volunteers are keen to share their wealth of knowledge with visitors to its reserves, which are as far apart as Dunnet Head on the most northerly point of Scotland, to Marazion Marsh in the South West of Cornwall.
The Walking Detective is an account of his trek of over 1,000 miles from Lizard in Cornwall to Dunnet Head, near John O'Groats.
From the sea comes the storm of flame & frost & snow So act out the gods as if Caithness were a stage to set the Orkneying Saga but things below are nervous the fabric's being unstitched crofts are being bought for Summer houses ruins change hands for forty grand fold sleep in boats & caravans the civic shirt is hanging by the bed the fishing fleet is decommissioned the glass factory in receivership the atomic station no longer lit by delight headlights beam across the starless night three Winters meet on Dunnet Head
The boatcaught record for a Porbeagle is 507lb, taken in 1993 by C Bennett off Dunnet Head, Scotland.
Actually, it is Dunnet Head, 15 miles west of there.
The Bay's own scenic delights apart - Dunnet Head is the most northerly headland in Britain - it's an ideal base from which to explore the many attractions the coast has to offer.
DUNNET HEAD, Len Lungo's well-regarded Ayr bumper winner, has died from a heart attack.
For that ride Adrian Hinchcliffe, who now lives near Newcastle, was joined by his brother John "Inky" Hinchcliffe (69), who lives in Dorset, and Bernard Heath (76), and living at Dunnet Head, near John o' Groats.
In 1952 the Queen Mother saw the castle during a stay at the nearby house of Northern Gate on Dunnet Head.
Villagers living close to Dunnet Head on the north coast of Scotland were moved as fears grew about the potentially explosive cargo on board the Multitank Ascania.