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(graphic arts)
A process in which two halftone cuts, one with a screen angle 30° different from the other, are made from the same black-and-white photograph, and the picture is printed in two tones, usually black and a color such as blue or green.



two-color reproduction from a monochromatic halftone original (for example, a black-and-white photograph). Two screen negatives are made from such an original, without using a light filter; one of the negatives has higher contrast, and the other is softer. The first negative is photographed with the screen in the normal position; the other, with the screen rotated through 30°-45°. The plate from the negative with higher contrast is used to print in black (the contour plate), and the plate from the second negative is used to print in colored ink, usually pale yellow, blue, or green. The rotation of the screen when photographing causes a shift of the points of the screen of the first plate with respect to the points of the second plate; as a result, moiré does not occur and the screen points of one color do not overlap those of the second upon printing. Duotone intensifies the effect of a monochromatic halftone image.

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Critique: Printed in duotone and featuring more than 300 memorable photographs, "Historic Cottages of Glen Lake" is enhanced with a number of illustrations and maps.
Throughout his oeuvre, Purifoy worked with the wall and the frame as sites of articulation and disruption, whether in the talismanic Pressure, 1966, with its crushed metal container protruding from a duotone abstract grid, or in the devastating bait-and-switch that is Strange Fruit, 2002, whose title echoes Billie Holiday's mournful homage to lynching victims even as the work itself seems to have been literally tarred and feathered, complete with a can and brush hanging from the bottom edge.
The image in the mind's eye comes in the coppery duotone of the antiguated, early twentieth-century cameras, a portrait from a lost age.
The collection contains nearly 300 photographs and original drawings by BrassaA, more than 200 of which are reproduced in duotone.
The interior is as luxurious as you would expect, with jet black and red duotone bucket seats offering both comfort and lateral support, while the dashboard and doors are embossed with the finest leather and carbon fibre elements.
Because of the original plan's duotone (yellow/black) has an additional note of contrast against Purcel's Plan; the better readability of hatches that mark landforms improves interpretation, just as that case of the slightly larger scale (1:12, 130).
IDEA13 Long-Life Converted Product Achievement Award: Hunter Douglas: DuoTone Honeycomb Window Shade
Those covers were either duotone or black and white until the first full color cover appeared on the January 1989 issue.
There is also a far more stylish duotone finish to the well laid out dashboard.
Thanks are due to two authors who have brought forward a selection of 124 gorgeous duotone images from a much larger collection of images in the archives of the American Museum of Natural History.
Without fanfare, he takes the bridge, a portion of which has been visible in each beautiful duotone woodcut throughout the story.
But he also pleaded conversely over 'the long facade', with its duotone brick 'yet shocking disorder', where 'every window is in the middle of its respective inner wall'.