a family of 17th-century Flemish sculptors who worked in the baroque style.

Hieronymus (Jerome) Duquesnoy. Born before 1570; died in 1641, in Brussels. He created the fountain sculpture of a boy, known as Manneken Pis, in Brussels (bronze, 1619).

Hieronymus (Jérôme) Duquesnoy, Junior. Born in 1602, in Brussels; died Sept. 28, 1654, in Ghent. Son of the above. He created the tomb of Bishop A. Triest (marble, 1643-54, Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent).

François Duquesnoy. Born in 1594, in Brussels; died July 12, 1643, in Livorno, Italy. Brother of the latter and the best-known Duquesnoy. From 1618 he lived mainly in Rome. Having absorbed the fervor and scope of the “grand style” in Bernini’s circle (the gigantic statue of St. Andrew, marble, 1640, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rome), he combined them (under the influence of N. Poussin) with classic traits. He preserved the traditions of Flemish realism in small sculptures of children.


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