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family: see DuranDuran,
, or Durante
, Jewish family of scholars. Profiat Isaac ben Moshe ha-Levi Duran, 1350–1414, called Efodi, was born probably in Perpignan, France, but he moved to Catalonia.
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Recognizing or not recognizing Durand Line is the national issue of Afghans, which has more importance and in no way belong to foreigners," he said.
It has been cleared up and there is good grass cover," GS Khanna, member of the Durand organising committee, said.
Now that we have this study, it would be a travesty if you survive treatment for cancer only to die of a heart attack soon thereafter," Durand says.
Also in the JG Durand Collection are celebration flutes, made of 24-percent lead crystal with deeply cut bubbles that "effervesce" within the pattern.
On his arrival in Kabul, he told Channel One the US States considered the Durand Line an international border.
Durand III and his wife, Elizabeth, of Flower Mound, Texas; and her grandchildren: Rebecca Peng, Heather Peng, Sarah Peng, Brian Alisch, Jacquelyn Alisch, and David Durand.
Our refusal to participate in the Durand is a protest against a British rule which still exists in the Kolkata maidan.
It is alleged that DURAND called her numerous times during her shift but she did not answer her cell phone.
Durand first heard about orienteering a few years ago.
He said church leaders heard "not one complaint" against Durand in his 42 years as a priest.
Lucas Porter, 15, is currently studying with John Hansen at Acadia University Wolfville Nova Scotia, and is also receiving instruction from Marc Durand through the MusicPath program.
CAST C -- Dana Aiken, Amanda Becker, Kevin Carter, Madison Carter, Michael Carter, Amanda Crane, Lisa Durand, Michelle Durand, Rachael Dyck, Sam Dyck, Jennifer Fineman, Bailey Harrisberger, Samantha Heimler, Eli Hoffman, Alicia Kinsellagh, Lauren Kinsellagh, Jake Lipton, Haley Lit, Hannah Ponturo, Michelle Rainey, Daniel Roberts, Samantha Rubin, Natasha Sill, Sydney Waco, Marisa Weinberg