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family: see DuranDuran,
, or Durante
, Jewish family of scholars. Profiat Isaac ben Moshe ha-Levi Duran, 1350–1414, called Efodi, was born probably in Perpignan, France, but he moved to Catalonia.
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The line is thus known as the Durand line, and runs through Pashtun territory.
The Kurram political administration had announced shutting of the Durand Line crossing on October 15 after an IED attack that killed four paramilitary troops.
It was named after Sir Mortimer Durand, the then foreign secretary in charge of India.
Pakistan has already completed digging a 1,100 kilometers long trench on the Durand Line at the Chaman-Kandahar part of the border in Balochistan.
The head of the first political department insisted that the Loqman village where the incident took place is located on the Afghan side of the Durand Line and the Afghan forces considers to keep the security and defend from the sovereignty of its territories against any kinds of aggression.
Durand will succeed current chief executive, Abdul Razak al-Qassim, who is retiring.
The criminal and civil law jurisdictions of the British law era clearly extended upto this Durand Line boundary.
The organisers have also blamed the Indian Super League's ( ISL) schedule, which clashes with that of the Durand Cup.
Although the Durand line was confirmed by successive Afghan governments, it was not accepted by the government of King Zahir Shah after the withdrawal of British from India.
com/2014/10/01/kevin-durand-denies-hes-being-eyed-to-play-negan-on-the-walking-dead/) comicbook resources , Kevin Durand denied that he has been approached by "The Walking Dead" producers to be part of the series.
Without Durand, we would have died of starvation, all of us the impressionists.
com)-- Eileen Unger, President of Emergency Preparedness Partnerships (EPP), has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Durand Academy and Community Service.