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, Ital. Durazzo, city (1989 pop. 82,719), capital of Durrës dist., W Albania, on the Adriatic Sea. The chief seaport of Albania and the leading commercial and communications center, it has a dockyard, a shipyard, and industries that manufacture leather,
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, Albania.
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Durazzo said that the team found that, at one month of abstinence, actively smoking AD [individuals] had greater-than-normal age effects on measures of learning, memory, processing speed, reasoning and problem-solving, and fine motor skills.
Durazzo AE, Machado FS, Ikeoka DT, De Bernoche C, Monachini MC, Puech-Leao P, Caramelli B.
Rene Durazzo, international program director for the nonprofit San Francisco AIDS foundation, said because Reagan failed to do anything we lost hundreds of thousands of people.
Having been asked by Urban IV for an expert opinion of a Libellus de processione Spiritus Sancti et de fide trinitatis contra errores Graecorum published by Nicholas of Durazzo the bishop of Catrone, Aquinas replied in his own work also entitled, Contra errores Graecorum.
They left Durazzo it is true and withdrew from the coast.
com or contact Olivia Durazzo, director of communication & PR at +39 0255004388 or via e-mail at olivia.
Honors were awarded to: Sofia Agreda, Kylie Bakerlis, Regan Bodak, Laci Brescia, Abigail Callinan, Cody Cavaco, Jorge Curiel, Kylee Dobeck, Michael Dorsey, Anthony Dotel-Avelino, Patra Durazzo, Ryan Fournier, Aidan Grady, Serena Heighton, Gino Jacobs, William Johns, Alexander Lipka, Joanna Lopez, Marty McNamara, Arielle Meunier, Domanick Mirabal, Keaghan O'Leary, Miranda Osorio, Isabella Prucha, Nuris Ramirez, Jeremias Rivera, Taha Sabri, Alexis Whitney and Darius Williams.
Produced by Heidi Snoe with cinematography by Paolo Durazzo, it stars Jon Braver and Will Shivers.
England star Wayne and Coleen, both 22, wed in a 20-minute civil ceremony on Thursday morning at Villa Durazzo in the town of Santa Margherita Ligure.
We've expected it for months - years, even - but at last it seems that Mr and Mrs Wayne Rooney have become exactly that at an "intimate" ceremony in the idyllically picturesque Villa Durazzo, a 17th-century palace in the heart of Portofino on the Italian Riviera.
The Croxteth childhood sweethearts tied the knot in a short ceremony at the Villa Durazzo in the resort of Santa Margherita Ligure, around 25 miles east of Genoa.