a sea on the edge of the Antarctic Ocean, on the coast of Antarctica, between 136° and 148° E long. It lies off Adelie Coast. The southern part of the sea covers the continental shelf and has a depth of less than 500 m, whereas the northern part reaches a depth of 3,610 m. It is covered most of the year by drift ice and is dotted with icebergs. Its salinity is 33.7-33.8 parts per thousand. The sea was discovered in 1914 by an Australian expedition led by D. Mawson and was named in honor of J. Dumont d’Urville.

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Camille Claudel was danced at different performances by Emilie Durville or Graziella Lorriaux; Auguste Rodin by Marcin Kaczorowski or Edi Blloshmi; and Rose Beuret by Marie-Eve Lapointe or Eline Malegue.
President Ineke Durville said kids with complex needs were too often being placed in night-time emergency services when they needed more structure and support.
A new three-storey retail complex has also opened up in the city centre that includes the likes of Zara, Slater Menswear and Roberto Durville.
Meighs casts parts in its Durville tilt-pour process using aluminum bronzes, super austenitic and duplex stainless steels, nickel-based and other corrosive-resistant materials.
CATHERINE DU BRASIL, Durville s/n, 1827 (Coquille no 92, P 347471
Since 1925 scholars have relied on the text produced by Joseph Calmette and the Abbe Georges Durville based on the so-called Dobree manuscript, but their work has been out of date for some time now.
This includes the early "travelling clairvoyance" work of Haddock (1851) and the latter studies of Durville (1909) and Cornillier (1920/1921), among others.
It is also to extend the scheme to GPs, hospitals and mental health services in the wake of the Ryan Report on institutional abuse President of the Irish Association of Social Workers Ineke Durville said the current services are not adequate to meet the needs of young people - especially those who are not living at home.
Incoming IASW president Ineke Durville said social workers have to battle hard to get the courts to come down on their side.