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Dutch Reformed Church:

see Reformed Church in AmericaReformed Church in America,
Protestant denomination founded in colonial times by settlers from the Netherlands and formerly known as the Dutch Reformed Church. The Reformed Church in Holland emerged in the 16th cent.
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In Johannesburg, speaking to an exclusively white Afrikns congregation at Melville Dutch Reformed Church, Reverend Andre Bartlett asked them to "think back to the 1990s," when the old order was crumbling and a newly freed Mandela was preparing his successful run for the presidency.
The venue for the camp was the grounds of the Dutch Reformed Church, Windhoek East, which is near to Windhoek High School.
Dan Ramm, a member of CAMBA's Board of Directors and senior clergy at the historic Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church.
THE TOPIC: The moody, solitary eldest child of a Dutch Reformed Church minister, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was considered "a strange boy" by the villagers of Zundert.
Among the 900 or so men on board were four army chaplains: Lt George Fox, a Methodist; Lt Clark Poling of the Dutch Reformed Church; Lt John P.
About half of them belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church (Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk).
The Dutch Reformed Church helped me with feeding the kids, organizing Christmas parties for them, and they gave me a small salary.
Dutch Reformed minister and Netherlands professor Simon Schoon offers a Protestant perspective on "The New People of God.
A Journey with a Status Confessionis: Analysis of an Apartheid Related Conflict between the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, 1982-1998 by Lennart Henriksson (Swedish Institute of Missionary Research, 2010), originally a dissertation at Lund University, examines in depth the declaration of status confessionis by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches against the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa in 1982.
Topics covered range from Philo of Alexandria to Dutch Reformed, Arabic, and Judaic debates of the twentieth century.
Indian congregants drove in from Queens, Brooklyn, western Nassau County and even New Jersey and Staten Island, to worship in a former Dutch Reformed Church building they bought in 1992.
Using a body of early seventeenth-century manuscripts of Dutch reformed Grand Tour travellers (24, to be more precise), this article seeks to gain better understanding of how 'ordinary' people dealt de facto with these religious tensions and boundaries.

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