Dutch elm disease

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Dutch elm disease:

see diseases of plantsdiseases of plants.
Most plant diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Although the term disease is usually used only for the destruction of live plants, the action of dry rot and the rotting of harvested crops in storage or transport is similar to the rots
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; elmelm,
common name for the Ulmaceae, a family of trees and shrubs chiefly of the Northern Hemisphere. Elm trees (genus Ulmus) have a limited use as hardwoods for timber, especially the rock or cork elm (U. thomasi).
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Dutch elm disease

[¦dəch ′elm di‚zēz]
(plant pathology)
A lethal fungus disease of elm trees caused by Graphium ulmi, which releases a toxic substance that destroys vascular tissue; transmitted by a bark beetle.
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These trees are guaranteed for life, and fewer than 1 percent have died from Dutch elm disease," Ms.
The second large public elm, located across from Elm Park, on Russell Street, showed signs of Dutch elm disease last year.
Researchers in Ohio are clustering seedlings grown from the few, scattered trees that have recovered from Dutch elm disease, according to an Associated Press story.
A section of Leaf Lane, between Fenside Avenue and Black Prince Avenue, will be closed for two weeks while trees killed by new outbreaks of dutch elm disease are felled.
Trained by Casey Trees as a citizen forester, Chestnut has been replanting American elms like the ones he recalls cooling and shading his neighborhood prior to the Dutch elm disease epidemic.
Ten species of the bumble bee have declined in the past 50 years and Dutch elm disease, big news in the 60s, carries on unabated, killing nearly 80% of UK elms.
Ellis is like Dutch elm disease and he has to be sent packing.
Motorways, new trunk roads, urban expansion, agricultural intensification and natural phenomena such as Dutch elm disease have profoundly altered the county's appearance over recent decades.
Mr Chope said its landscape impact could be more dramatic than "than the combined effects of the great storm, Dutch elm disease and the bombing of the Luftwaffe".
Prof Kevan Gartland, head of molecular and life sciences at the University of Abertay, Dundee, with a genetically modified elm that the university has produced to be resistant to Dutch Elm disease.
From the 1960s, Dutch elm disease laid waste to the native elm population, leaving a scar on the landscape that has never fully healed.
National Arboretum, a great place to visit on your trip to the nation's capital, contains not only a fabulous collection of trees, but also a group of scientists and researchers seeking answers to forest health problems and breeding a new generation of cultivars, like a new American elm that can withstand Dutch elm disease.

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