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Dutch literature:

see Dutch and Flemish literatureDutch and Flemish literature,
literary works written in the standard language of the Low Countries since the Middle Ages. It is conventional to use the term Dutch when referring to the language spoken by the people of the modern Netherlands, and Flemish
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Yuyutsu Sharma: recipient of fellowships and grants from The Rockefeller Foundation, Ireland Literature Exchange, Trubar Foundation, Slovenia, The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature and The Foundation for the Production and Translation of Dutch Literature, and is a distinguished poet and translator.
The topics include what spirituality is in modern western Buddhism, spirituality of traditional forms of Catholic popular devotion, popular spirituality, corpus mysticum in contemporary Dutch literature, cognitive implications of spiritual versus religious engagement, and explorations in the border region of religious and secular spiritualities from the perspective of religious studies.
The position of the instrument in Dutch literature and painting of the period is also explored.
This approach, and especially its literary application propagated by, among others, Peter Stockwell has not yet been widely used in the study of literature and Dutch literature in particular, though its growing popularity is a fact.
This issue of Literator is dedicated to Heilna du Plooy who retires at the end of 2012 as professor of Afrikaans and Dutch literature and literary theory.
But Rosenthal's announced ban as reported would appear to extend even to Iranians researching Dutch literature.
Nurul, 27, was granted a three-month visa to visit her fiance, but after it expired she was forced to return to Bali, where she studies Dutch literature at the University of Indonesia.
has a command of the English, French, German, and Dutch literature on the subject also helps make the book a significant contribution to missiological literature.
The Airport Library's content derives from the collection of the Dutch Public Libraries and has a singular offering of Dutch literature.
For instance: Comparing Surinamese and Dutch-Caribbean literature with Dutch literature in search of "quality," makes no sense, for the following reasons:
Many of the citations and references to secondary Dutch literature can also serve as an incentive to inspire additional English translations of this kind (a brief but helpful glossary of Middle Dutch drama terminology is appended).