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bake oven

bake oven (longitudinal section)
An oven constructed of bricks, usually having a circular or oval dome; often located within the hearth of the principal fireplace of a colonial home, usually in a corner of the hearth and a few feet above it. Bake ovens were once an integral part of the fireplace construction; some were heated by glowing charcoal or embers that were swept out before the unbaked loaves were inserted and the iron oven door closed. Also called a beehive oven, bread oven, brick oven, or Dutch oven.
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Turn heat to low and strain broth into Dutch oven, scraping up any browned bits.
If the Dutch oven is too hot to begin with, smoke will come out from under the lid before 30 minutes.
The gourmet Scoutmaster served turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings from a stack of dutch ovens as tall as a Cub Scout.
The ceramic casseroles, enameled-steel Dutch ovens and other cook, bake and serve items have begun to arrive at various retailers, extending the venerable brand name into a wider family of non-electric items.
On July 8, 2005, ten teams will bring back a taste of history as they compete for the title of United States Dutch Oven Champion.
To bake in a Dutch oven, see box on page 160; have 24 ignited charcoal briquets ready to use.
In a Dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat until hot.
It depicts a man pulling a handcart with his wife at his side, and hanging underneath the handcart is the family's Dutch oven.
The new logo replaces the traditional Dutch oven with a larger black oval and red sash.
Dutch oven cooking has survived from the days of the open hearth, and flourishes still.
Additionally, a Dutch Oven Cooking Contest will be held in which top cooks will compete for prizes and bragging rights in three categories: bread, main dish and dessert, and will serve samples to the public.
Spicy Braised Pork Shoulder Mickey Strang likes bone-in pork shoulder because she can combine it with a few other ingredients in a Dutch oven and then forget about it until dinnertime.